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Observational Essay On A Recent Trip To Walmart

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On Friday January 17, I went to Walmart to use the ATM machine as I am incline to do every Friday after my morning math class. I went there with three goals to accomplish and that is to get money off of my card as soon as possible shop for snacks, toiletries and to catch the 1:30pm bus home, however as it turns out as I approach the machine there was an out of order sign posted on the ATM machine and I came to the realization that I would not be able to catch the bus in time. It was then that I remember the observational essay from English class and as I looked around the store Walmart prove a valuable place to conduct my experiment. From an observational point it seems to me that everyone who came into Walmart on Friday had a specific goal in mind that they wanted to accomplish, when it relates to shopping that had never occur to me before. For one thing the customers when they come into the store they tend to branch out into specific areas.
Some go right for the shopping carts, while others head for the ATM machine only to discover the posted sign “out of service” those customers head straight to the door maybe to find another ATM machine while the other customers head straight for customer service to return purchases and to pay bills, but before they can return their purchases those customers have to join very long line with only two employees at the cash register with a line that is hardly moving. Further down following the other customer along the aisle you get a quite discovery of just who the customers really are by the choice of product they choose and how long they linger in a specific area whether it is making a decision on what product to buy or a spur of the moment purchase. The most populated area by far that I have observe, customers frequent on Friday was the pharmacy, electronics, customer service, snack section, jewelry and hair product area. During this observation I began to notice that customers in general have a certain preference or an ideal to which they aspire to fulfill. A typical example of this was when I was browsing the shelf in the hair product section when an older couple approach the section, eaves dropping I heard them arguing about which shampoo the man should buy apparently they were going to a wedding and the man wanted a shampoo according to him to give his hair sheen. Watching him I saw him take up an expensive brand examine it put it back on the shelf pick it up again and ask his wife’s opinion about it, they debated on the prize finally they both agreed that they would not purchase it and they left.
Another example of this occurs in the snack section where there are often a lot of customers with their shopping cart, children screaming and reaching for things it is unbelievable at times how that particular section gets crowed easily customers going in and out of the aisle and at the same time, Walmart employees are there putting out merchandize it all has the qualities of a local market with a lot of...

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