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Reflecting on the microteaching activity, I would have to say I found it interesting as it showed my weaknesses in teaching. I believe that I prepared enough for the activity, but the information that I prepared was just too much to handle. I did not plan to say everything I had prepared, but I did have a plan that would cover a portion of it and then have a fast forward kind of approach to the majority of the presentation. I would then press play so to say and begin lecturing over the topic in the final part of the presentation. As I was standing up there, it seemed as if time flew by and that made it difficult for me to do what I had planned to do. Much of the information I had prepared was not presented, since I did not have enough time. The material that I had gotten ready was too much for the time allotted, as I now realize how short fifteen minutes in front of a class is. It is much shorter than you think and especially when considering transition times, that certainly can cut into your allotted time. I believe that I prepared enough information for thirteen minutes of speaking, but in reality, especially with all the transition I would need to make, I should have prepared enough material for only five or six minutes. As I was preparing, I read the information out loud and timed myself, but as I can see the time did not account for all the anomalies that would happen. I believe that this created pressure for me and it definitely made me stumble intellectually, as I did not have any flow because it felt like I had a time limit and if I did not reach the end of the material, theoretically saying, a bomb would implode.
To self-assess myself, I would have to say I know could do much better. This was the first time that I have ever had to stand up in front of a class and present material. I expected that it would not be a “home run,” but I had hoped I could keep a flow to the presentation. I view that I did not accomplish that feat and much of what I presented most likely did not make any sense, since I did not keep a good flow. Before I began, I felt nervous, but once I began, I was not as nervous as I thought I would be. Although, I still was nervous, I was not at a different tier of nervousness then what I assumed I would be at. I believe being nervous played a factor in my presentation not having any type of flow. For some reason and I do not know why, I get nervous when I have to speak in front of my peers in college. While at my job, at Lee Academy, I do not get nervous when I have to speak in front of 20-30 students, so the only rationale I have for getting nervous in front of my college peers is that when it comes to speaking to them in an intellectual sense, I get nervous. I do not want to stutter or et cetera and look unintelligent in front of them, so I get nervous. I believe this factor played a key role in my presentation blunders
For the most part, I believe the feedback I received was a little bloated, as I know my...

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