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Observed Stereotypes Essay

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All people experience stereotypes, whether the stereotype is directed at them or they are the one with the stereotype. While stereotypes can assist in making logical decisions, the fallacies of stereotyping will influence us all unconsciously, can leave people with negative lingering effects, and also misrepresent the individual.
The fallacies of stereotyping will mislead people due to the unconscious influence they have on us. In medicine it is not uncommon to utilize stereotypes that are fact based. An example of this is that certain cultures are more predisposed to conditions, compared statistically to other cultures. This can be described with the pre-disposition of the African-American culture to hypertension as compared to the White culture (Childs, Moskowitz & Stone, 2012). While the hypertension pre-disposition has been statistically proven it may not always be the correct conclusion, even with similar signs and symptoms. The unconscious use of these stereotypes may negatively influence diagnosis and treatment of the patient (Childs, Moskowitz & Stone, 2012). This argument represents a loaded question fallacy (Mosser, 2011). The argument premise of the misleading of stereotypes and the statistically proven facts, support the conclusion that stereotypes can negatively impact a patients diagnosis. The argument appears strong and valid. I could solidify the argument with another example. I would use an example of a personal experience. I had a patient that was a military member, who received treatment in a civilian hospital and was accused of using drugs due to the stereotype of his diagnosis, condition, age, and culture. The condition was not caused by drugs, rather a common reaction to an immunization that was required and provided due to his military service.
Stereotypes can also have a negative impact with lingering effects. I like to use my own personal stereotype of people at Christmas time. I had a negative experience with people at Christmas time and shopping on two occasions over five years. Due to my experiences with people’s attitudes I came to a hasty generalization (Mosser, 2011) that all people’s attitude at Christmas time was a bad attitude. This leads me to stay home and complete my Christmas shopping on line so I don’t have to deal with the attitudes. This causes me to feel bad as I truly enjoy Christmas with all of the lights, seeing family, and just the experience of the season. My hasty generalization argument is definitely not valid or...

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