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Observing An Unknown Object Lab Report

787 words - 3 pages

Materials List:1. metric ruler 5. graduated cylinder2. Triple Beam Balance 6. beaker3. unknown object 7. water4. stopwatch or clock 8. hot plateProblem: We were given an unknown object to observe and identify.Question: What is the unknown object?Hypothesis: I hypothesize that the unknown object is a red and white roll ofcheese.Procedure:1. We observed the unknown object with the wrapper on. We recorded our observations.2. We weighed the object with wrapper on. We recorded the mass.3. We found the length of the object with the wrapper on. We recorded our answer.4. We found the thickness of the object with the wrapper on. We recorded our answer5. We recorded any other observations6. We drew a picture of the object with the wrapper on.7. We took off the wrapper, observed the object and again recorded our observations.8. We found the weight of the object with the wrapper off. We recorded the mass.9. We found the length of the object without the wrapper. We recorded the answer.10. We found the thickness of the object without the wrapper. We recorded the mass.11. We multiplied the objects length by 3.14to find the circumference of the object.12. We recorded any additional observations.13. We drew a picture of the object without its wrapper.14. We used the water displacement method to find the object's volume.15. I put the object in my mouth and I recorded the time it took for the object to dissolve.16. I recorded many observations while the object was in my mouth.17. We put the object on the hot plate and we recorded the amount of time it was heated.18. We recorded many observations while the object was on the hot plate.19. We recorded many observations once the object was...

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