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Observing The Butterflies In The Stomach

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Every day people easily decide what to choose from numerous options, but they carefully consider when they face with choices involving their future. Because the outcome of a life decision affects one’s life greatly, people become anxious about failure or making a wrong decision. Anxiety causes confusion and impatience, and anxiety may actually lead them to choose a wrong decision ironically. Therefore, people try to make decisions by evading anxiety. Although people believe that anxiety directly interfere with their decision making, they should not avoid provoking it because analyzing anxiety will grant them a meaningful consequence.
In “Anxiety: Challenge by Another Name”, James Lincoln Collier claims that anxiety is another name for challenge and presents his personal experiences and rules to support this. The first rule is “do what makes you anxious; don’t do what makes you depressed” (Collier). When he was approaching to graduate in college, he started to consider about being a writer. Anxiety of failure or making the wrong decision arose in his mind; he was scared whether he would be able to live by writing or not. However, depression appeared in his mind each time he thought about giving up the idea of being a writer because it was a desire from deep inside his mind. He realized that people confront anxiety when they passionately desire something. The second rule is “you’ll never eliminate anxiety by avoiding the things that caused it” (Collier). After the author started his career as a writer, he had to meet famous people frequently. He was very anxious before each interview with the famous people. However, his anxiety of meeting them has diminished eventually; his repetition of provoking anxiety had given him confidence to overcome it. The third rule is “you can’t learn if you don’t try” (Collier). When a writing assignment which required the travel through Europe was offered to the author, he hesitated because he had limited knowledge of foreign languages. He was completely unfamiliar with transportation systems too; however, he became an experienced traveler by the time he finished the assignment. By going through these experiences, the author determined that anxiety can be interpreted as challenge.
There are two similarities between my opinion and the author’s. The first similarity is the view of anxiety and depression. I agree with the author that anxiety toward a certain act occurs when an individual actually desires to do it. If their wish is not strong enough, he or she would give...

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