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Obsession = Love? Essay

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Obsession is preoccupation putting meaning to the object more than it should and only focusing on oneself and the object. It’s dreadful and reckless. Obsessed people start the day thinking about how object thinks of them and end the day wondering if object feels the same way as they do. Once you’re obsessed about one thing, all you care about is that one thing. It’s very common to misunderstand love and obsession. But I can say this with confidence, obsession is not a love.
Is obsession and love same thing? My answer is no. Obsession isn’t about loving something excessively but is immersing in something excessively. I wouldn’t say there is absolutely no love in obsession but love isn’t main part of obsession. When one is obsessed with object, the nub of obsession is not the object but the meaning one put into the object. More importance of the object grows, more intensify obsession is going to be.
Let’s say random tree starts to grow in my garden and I start watching it. This is just an interest. As time goes by, I give water to the tree once in a while and play music for it. Later, I go to my garden every day and take care of the tree. This can be immersion. One day, I found out that this is a golden apple tree. It doesn’t have any magical power. It’s just a regular apple with golden rind. But everyone in the world wanted and I became rich. Now I can’t live without this tree. This tree became so important to me. It’s everything and I’m so worried someone might steal my precious golden apple. I employed tree watcher and guard so that no one steals it.
In this example, (It’s just an example. I don’t have golden apple tree in my garden sadly.) My obsession started off with little interest towards the tree and now I'm obsessed with it. Do I love this tree? Maybe. But I would say I feel more of an attachment and concentration toward the tree...

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