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Obstacles That Weaken Democracy Essay

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Democracy is defined as a government that is governed by the people, where the supreme power is in the hands of the people and is exercised through a system of representation done through free elections. It is easily defined and understood, but the true test is to follow through the people’s expectations and be capable to overcome obstacles a democracy might face. Mexico has recently celebrated its bicentennial representing their independence and the centennial of their revolution, although they are major accomplishment, they continue to struggle to consolidate a democracy. Along with Mexico there is El Salvador who has confronted many struggles to accomplish independence and improve socially, and continues to struggle for a democracy who will work for the best interest of the people. Reflecting back during the end of the 20th century and the 21st century they have encountered a few issues preventing them from unifying their democracy. The obstacles holding back Mexico and El Salvador from consolidating a democracy are street crimes, corruption, and inefficient economy.
Building a perfect democracy probably will never occur, but there are ways of meeting people’s expectations of it. As presented by Jesús Silva-Herzog, a Professor of law at the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico, people have expectations for a democracy which are not met, meaning that the democracy fails to the people. For, example when Vicente Fox went into presidency Mexicans had hopes that he would solve economic problems, put a stop to corruption, end drug trafficking, and solve the country’s other issues, obviously it was not done (Silva). As in for El Salvador the democracy has failed to be consolidated due to its underdevelopment in the economy, affecting the government to be able to resolve the issues of street crime and corruption (Burns). These countries have tried to be a democracy that can overcome the obstacles of street crime affecting people’s safety, problems of corruption, and an economy that cannot support its citizens. By addressing these issues by no means does it create a impeccable government, but it can be a start to an efficient one.
Mexico is a country filled with wonderful sights and attractions, along with a rich culture influenced by the indigenous and the Europeans, merging into one. As seen in history they have been able to create their own advance civilization, its own state defeating the marquis, lead a successful revolution, and became independent. Now, as their own state they encounter the issue of having a government that is consolidated. They have accomplished to develop their own constitution in 1917, establish ties with NAFTA, and having top racking schools (Meyer & Beezley, 292). Mexico has been successful, but continues to strive to form a consolidated democracy that can solve its current issues. One issue is street crime, being the drug wars where the government has no control of and has its citizens terrorized. Furthermore...

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