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Obtaining And Applying Education Essay

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Education: A World’s problem

Education has become a major problem in the development of future generations. Financial issues, government interference, cultural diversity, an innumerable account of limitations have been hindering education over the past centuries. Many may disagree, wondering why we consider this to be an issue due to the apparent improvement reports we receive through different types of media. Nevertheless, there are a range of global issues beginning from the availability of education in poor countries and social/gender discrimination. These are major issues outside our country, but we have so far also turned a blind eye to the issue within our educational system, which relies on an infected and misleading grade point average evaluation. Some countries fight against a financial reality or gender discrimination that denies students from attending educational institutions. However, we are not in a better position due to students not being able to grasp institutions with good grading system. Therefore, after students graduate there is nothing but disappointment. This problem arose because educational institutions are now trying to meet government regulations that may actually hinder real progress over the education system. Because of all these facts we have decided to write to you, the Secretary of Education, in order to uncover the flaws of the world’s and the United States’ education system with the hope that on a future basis we as a first world country can promote principles/values within United States educational institutions’ missions and develop more non-profit communities willing to provide aid within our international neighbors.

Availability of Education in Poor Countries

The most obvious problem with education worldwide is that millions of children are not attending school at all. There are fifty-seven million kids out of school, and though this number is half of what it was in 1999, the improvement has actually slowed in recent years. Some areas are doing worse than others. The area that is improving the slowest is Sub-Saharan Africa, where, as reported by Education For All, “22% of the region’s primary school age children [were] still not in school in 2011.” (Bokova 8) In other words, 30 million children in this part of the world were not in school in 2011. The regions of South and West Asia have been improving the fastest, but altogether they still have 12 million kids out of school. Areas that have the very most kids out of school have not been improving much at all. Unfortunately the data on such countries is limited, but even so, surveys reveal that, “14 countries had more than 1 million children out of school in 2011, including Afghanistan, China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Sudan (pre-secession) and the United Republic of Tanzania.” (Bokova 8) All of this data shows that, while the number of out-of-school kids is gradually decreasing, this is happening too slowly, and is not happening...

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