Obtaining And Financing Legal Advice And Representation

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Obtaining and Financing Legal Advice and Representation

Within the civil courts there are several ways by which people can
obtain free legal advice. These include solicitors who may offer free
legal advice, however, the time period may be restricted to half an
hour or so, and this is usually done to attract customers. Some
solicitors may charge a small fee, or not offer this service at all.

Law centres offer legal advice to people in great need, i.e. their
income is low, etc… Law centres deal mainly with claims related to
welfare, discrimination, housing and employment matters, and are
usually very accessible and offer suitable opening hours where
possible. Citizens' Advice Bureaux are available throughout the
country and offer a substantional amount of free legal advice to
everyone. This service is very useful for free legal advice as
Citizens' Advice Bureaux's are placed within many very accessible
areas around the country.

If any person is a member of a trade union or motoring organisation
etc… they can usually get free legal advice. This service is good, as
it will tend to be specialised towards certain areas of law that
affects the person, e.g. if you have a car crash, motoring
organisations will offer the best legal advice as it is what they are
specialised in.

Some universities run Law Clinics that offer free legal advice. The
only problem is the standard of the advice, as it may not be as high
as advice given from other sources as students sometimes run them.
Other sources of advice include the Internet, which is now more
advanced than ever offering many sources of information and advice for
anyone. There are many textbooks available, which offer advice,
although these, if old, are sometimes inaccurate and so do not offer
the best advice. Any law student or teacher will also offer advice and

It is however harder to find free representation, and can be
expensive. It is usually financed by using one of these methods.

Free representation within cases is very rare with the "free
representation unit" offering representation within tribunals by law
students and young barristers. The Bar "Pro Bono Unit" provides free
legal representation to people who are unable to afford but not
eligible for legal aid, and this work is normally done by QC's and
very experienced barristers and solicitor advocates. Free
representation is so rare as the boundaries of the amount of capitol
and income are set extremely low so very few people qualify, even many
students earn more per week than the low boundaries are set.

If a person has substantional wealth, they may be able to pay for
legal advice and representation themselves, although the costs can be
very high, e.g. Springsteen v Masquerade Music 1998, a great dispute
about copyright of a few songs, costs rose to...

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