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Introduction to Event Planning

According the the International Institute of Event Management, the U.S. Department of Labor defines event planning as coordinating every detail of such events from the location to even specific details such as printed materials (2013).

There are four types of event categories; which are, celebrations, education, promotions, and commemorations. The following are examples of each category. The main type of events are celebrations which consist of, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and fairs. Education events consist of conferences, conventions, meetings, and graduations. Promotion events consist of product launches, political rallies, and fashion shows. Finally, commemorations are events that include memorial and civic events (The Event).

Responsibilities of event planning include research, budgeting, making of a timeline, choosing event sites, obtaining permits for events, organizing the food and drink menus, figuring out transportation and accommodations, selecting a theme, arranging activities, selecting speakers and entertainers, and so on.

During the event, planners coordinate every detail of the event. Event planning as an industry has grown so much in the past 15 years, due to an economy boost and because of new trends in the corporate business. Planning an event may be stressful and time consuming for people who do not have the experience, by having an event planner handy, the event will go smoothly.

Academically Preparing for the Event Planning Industry

To become an event planner, there is no specific major or study requirement. However, business, art, or communication majors are some popular education paths for students who seek to pursue the career of event planning.

A business major, as praised to be the most versatile major, helps an event planner to develop knowledge in how to work in or start a successful business. Event planning consists of many business related majors such as entrepreneurship, administration, hospitality, accounting, marketing, and management.

An event planner that focus their career in weddings, parties, or decorative occasions must have a sense of artistry to deliver stunning presentations for their clients, which is a reason why many event planners take heavy consideration in the study of art and design.

Communication is the key to success, and communication majors know the technique to approach a business for anything needed for the event, while interacting with clients in the most proper and efficient way. Some event planners go through a certification program. Taking courses specifically designed for event planning work is a perfect guide to start a career and to obtain a certificate which can then be used as proof of reliability to client.

Starting off in the Event Planning Industry

Experience makes a big difference when starting off in the event planning industry. Previous experience helps build credibility as well as help prove to vendors,...

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