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INTRODUCTION:Sunrise Events Company is a firm, which are in the business of special events and fine dining. It is an association that is exceptionally talented, creative and respected with event planner. They have the capability to give any event a creative lift to design magical, memorable and truly personalized experience. This firm will try their level best to win this prestigious event by quoting a comparative budget as compared to others. The company has selected Mumbai as the prime location for this auspicious event. Why only Mumbai, because it is considered to be India's largest city in attitude if not in population. It's a place that welcomes all religions, ethnicities, castes and classes. Mumbai is Indian's cosmopolitan city, as compared to other fast paced world metros such as New York and Sydney.Sunrise Events will give out their best to fulfill the needs and expectation required for this particular event. International Cricket Council (ICC) function will be going to be held over here. Top most selectors, executives, from the ICC panel along with other players and members will be joining the event. The agenda for the conference will be to select and implement;Best One Day and Test International teams of the 2005-year.Best Captain, All rounder, Batsmen, Wicket Keeper, Bowler and Umpire.Special prize like "Live Time Achievement" award will also be given.Also awards for sports psychology, commentator, and coach will be distributed.New rules and regulations will be discussed and can also be implemented for ODI and Test games.After having a glance at details which, are provided by the organization an estimate of 300-325 pax will be staying for a period of four nights i.e. from 21st - 25th June 06. Accordingly it is essential for Sunrise Events;To first and foremost select a suitable venue i.e. a hotel where not only the guest would be accommodated but also where the conference or meetings can be arranged.A pick and drop facility for the guests, during the time of arrival, departure, conference and also arrangements of transportation at the time of outdoor programme for delegate who are accompanying with their partners.Tea and coffee should be arranged with light snacks between conference or meeting breaks in the mid morning and mid afternoon.A proper lunch and dinner with special entertaining programme which should reflect something about the host city and culture.As delegates would be busy with their conference and meetings special outdoor programmes should be arranged for the spouses of the delegates.Last but not the least on evening of 24th June 06 a formal dinner with dance will be arranged.As Sunrise Events has personal dealings and contact with Grand Hyatt Mumbai all the guest are booked in the same hotel. It would prove beneficial for the guest as well as for the event company to handle them easily. The place selected by "Sunrise Events" where this grand event will be conducted is none other than at "GRAND HYATT" Mumbai. Grand Hyatt...

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