Occupation And Civil War In The Contemporary World International Realtions Adn Global History Essay

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Occupation and Civil War ! 1
Occupation and Civil War in the Contemporary World
Hadia Mhamed
Occupation and Civil War in the Contemporary World
The administration of a state occurs in three areas, that is physical base, institutions and
principles and ideas. Physical base deals with the geographical area that is governed by the elite
and the institutions deal with processes and mechanisms that allow a state to function. Principles
Occupation and Civil War ! 2
and ideas are the basis of the administration since the ideologies govern the country. While some
argue that civil wars are permanent and the same other scholars suggest that they are different.
For any civil war to take place, there is a need for objective and the trinity. There must be a
political objective, capable military and a supportive population for the civil wars to occur. Since
civil wars have been there for a long time, scholars from 1990s have sought to theorize wars in
order for them to come to a good understanding of the motive and how new and old wars have
changed over time (Gray, 2013 pp.3). One aspect that differentiates old war from new war is the
fact that the old wars were about ideological or geopolitical goals while the new wars are about
political identity.
The civil wars have changed over time, and since the objective now is about political
identity, the characteristics and strategies used have also changed. The new wars are
characterized with mass killings, forcible resettlements, and population expulsion. As a result of
this shift, the international community has come up with new and appropriate strategies aimed at
mitigating the negative consequences of civil wars. The conflict management from a global
perspective takes both military and non-military approaches as certain international bodies are
given the mandate of peace building. Institutions as being major players in the government of a
nation remain essential even in the occurrence of civil wars. In the current world, in the face of
conflict, organizations like UN, various NGOs in the grassroots, military groups all work
together in seeking peace (Kalyvas, 2017, pp.3). The world being a global village work together
in pursuit of peace, especially for the vulnerable nations. For instance, Middle East has had a
series of civil wars in their quest for democracy. The wars have been prevalent, and the major
reason for that is the religious aspect of the Muslims found there who are unwilling to relent as
Occupation and Civil War ! 3
such the war rages. Unlike the notion that may be prevalent that civil wars are just intrastate with
the causal factors within the state and the population within, the reality of this new war is that
other nations have a bearing on the civil war in a given country. However, that does not allude
that there is another government in conflict with the state’s government but might be external
political influences, and that has been the case for Syria continuous civil war.
The rise and...

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