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Occupation Research Paper

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Marine Biology is what I would like to study. I want to become a marine biologist because I want to discover new species. I want to go to the 70% of the ocean that has not been discovered. Marine biologists also get to go travel to different places. They not only get to seethings underwater which not many people get to see, but they also get to see places on land which not many people get to see. Marine biologists are also interesting to me because they get to swim for most of their work day. I love the water and swimming. Marine biology is a very interesting and intriguing career to me.
Marine biology is the study of marine life in salt water ecosystems. It can also be described as ...view middle of the document...

There could be mermaids for all we know. Without exploring the rest of the 70% that has not been seen, no one can tell what is down there.
The average salary of a marine biologist is $57,430 per year. The biologists work seniority. Seniority is that the person who has been there the longest gets benefits. When a biologist first starts, they do not get paid as much as when they have been there for a longer time. It is the same for those who have the higher education. If they have a bachelor's degree, they earn about $35,000 a year. If they have a master's degree, they earn about $45,000 per year. If they have a full university education, they can earn up to $100,000 per year.
In order to become a marine biologist, there are certain education and training requirements. You must get a degree. The degree is preferred to be an advanced degree. The degree must be in either biology, oceanography, biochemistry, chemistry, or a marine science. You must also have an understanding of all of these subjects. You must also have certain training. You must have volunteered at a marine organization or an aquarium. You must also be a certified diver or be able to take classes on diving.
There are some advantages in becoming a marine biologist. They include traveling a lot, having opportunities to work with new technology, and being able to preserve marine life. The travel expenses are paid for by the organization which you go with, most of the time. Marine biologists travel a lot in the beginning of their career. Being a marine biologists gives opportunities for seeing new places. Marine biologists also get to work with brand new technology, which can be both good and bad. The new technology can give very accurate readings, and you can also be the first one to use it. Marine biologists get the chance to preserve marine life. That in itself is an...

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