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Occupation Should Bring Only Moral Or Only Financial Satisfaction

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Nowadays the majority of people have a job. Even students prefer to work somewhere during their free time. But there is one very important question: does this work bring moral satisfaction to a man and help him grow as an individual, or is it just a way to make money? This is a problematic issue for many modern researchers.
It is very difficult to give a definite answer to this question, because all people imagine their ideal life and work quite differently. There are a lot of factors that have influence on people’s job satisfaction, for example the JDI assesses satisfaction with five different job areas: salary, promotion, coworkers, supervision, and the work itself, but we will consider only the basic factors like wage and interest.
First of all, work is the way to earn money because all people need money for essential necessities, utility bills and clothes. It makes no sense to work without a financial component, because gratuitous unpaid labor is not a job, it is just volunteering.
Turning to the moral satisfaction of the work it should be noted that labor productivity of man who is satisfied with the results of his work and feels an integral part of the team, is much higher than that of a man who takes his job as a simple list of required tasks. Person who is interested in his job and its successful result wishes to be proud of a fruitfulness and quality of his work as a stimulus for working more.
Unfortunately, in the modern world not all people think so much about interest in their work. For instance, Naomi Rotter asked her students about their work in her lecture and someone replied that it was the most favorite pastime in his life; the other replied that interesting work happens rarely, a big part of working hours are mostly boring, but he still continues to deal with this job. It follows that people are often indifferent to their work, if it makes money.
In the article «Employee Attitudes and Job Satisfaction» were given results of a sociological survey among employees and their managers, in...

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