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Occupational Choice: One Of The Most Important Decisions

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Occupational choice is the most important decision for one person without any doubt which could be made in a person's life time. For example, Ginzberg, Ginsburg, Axelrad, & Herma, carried out a major study in 1951 researching about occupational choice, which now in the 21st century is known as the originating theories about the topic. Ginzberg et al.’s (1951) main focus was to research on the behavior of individuals, how by making decisions by different stages and how it is the self-concept of adjusting to new conditions. Ginzberg(1951) always made an agrument that the occupational choice was a lifelong decision process who look for satisfaction from their jobs. According to Ginzberg et al, ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, this essay will first explain the occupational choice, after which it will address its theories and how they are developing and contrasting opinions and then explaining the freedom of choice for the people. Finally different aspects of occupation will be discussed to see whether there is an option and whether people do have freedom of choice or not.
Watson (2003:183) described how occupational choice is "the self-concept grows as abilities, aptitudes and interests develop”. The definition has changed and developed after many studies have been conducted into occupational choice. Ram (1984) and Whip (1980) developed a theory about freedom of choice which was exactly opposite to the theory put forward by Ginzberg (1951). It was that a child shall be pushed into a certain occupation by their parents and lose freedom of choice and power. Work plays an important role in people’s lives. They sacrifice most of their time and energy to assure them that they have chosen the right path or the right career. People decide on their career when they begin early childhood education until they leave school or university, when they have to decide what to do next. In the last 20 years, there have been fast changes in the concept of occupational choice. Most of the old concepts supported an agreement that either the person comes across a certain role or it depends upon deciding things for themselves.
These theories about different stages are being challenged by Bright, Pryor and Harpham (2005) who had a belief that the structural factors also have a huge impact on it whilst with development and aspects of occupation. Preliminary theorists deemed it to generally rely on "chance events" whether that it is planned or unplanned, that would eventually influence a person to make certain decisions. Regarding this topic, it is now possible to state that a person does have some occupational choices to some degree, but as Wilson (2010) stated that many other factors would also have an effect. The research in this essay shows that when a person precedes him/herself towards certain work or for developed self-concept they will be influenced by the people who are around them; they shall be like: their parents, class, the current economy, gender, the formal institutions and the ethnicity. It is now acceptable to see the women in roles like engineering, building work or even plumbing, but the impact on gender issues is still there and still debated today as well. More research needs to be done on whether every person in the 21st century is still affected by the socio-culture factors as referred to by Willis (1977).
Structural factors are very important and are certainly related to the people who do certain jobs shall be by certain class or certain genders. At the present time it is hard to decide which job should be best for 'one' individual. Wadsworth and Kuh (1991: 531-555) agree that as people, they all are born to one class - and it is very difficult to migrate to...

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