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Occupational Health And Safety Essay

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A current OH&S concern within my industry is physical hazard recognition, specifically slips strains and falls and temperature extremes. HRM has a OH&S program that outlines the policies and procedures of our company.
The program includes education and training, Personal Protective Equipment, Equipment and Vehicle Safety, Wildlife Encounters, Fires & Spills, Medical emergencies and more. HR makes sure everyone has taken hazard awareness and fall preventions courses and has a valid First Aid Ticket before they go to a job site.
Once on the job site the Field manager does a camp walk through and orientation so everyone know the potential hazards of the site, how to use their PPE properly and what to do in case of a near miss or accident.

• When dealing with Slips, Strains and Falls it is important for employees to have the
correct PPE including fall harnesses and the correct footwear.
• The HRM not only needs to make sure that employees are provided with these
items and that they know how to use them correctly but that they are being used.
The importance of correct lifting also needs to be addressed.
• Supervisors should be trained in correct ergonomics so that they can correct/instruct employees how to work safely.
• Our company has implemented a stretch before you start program where everyone does a group stretch at the beginning of their workday. The activity is included in the paid workday and is mandatory. Time off due to strains and sprains has become almost non-existent.
Temperature Extremes
• Temperature extremes are a hazard that can be very difficult to avoid and can very
easily lead to heat stress. Heat stress can cause heat stroke, exhaustion, cramps and
• Heat can also lead to the fogging of safety glasses, sweaty palms and dizziness
which can lead to the risk of other injuries. Burns and dehydration are also a concern
when dealing with the heat.
• The best ways HRM’s can deal with these potential risks is to convey the importance of PPE which can include specialized clothing, sunscreen, drinking lots of fluids, wearing a hat and taking frequent rests.
• Supervisors need to be trained to recognize the signs/symptoms of heat
associated illnesses and how to treat them. HRM’s

Kal Tire
Every team member, whether store or office staff, participate in a training program that runs between six months and two years, depending on their role.
Safety practices are a significant part of the training curriculum. The health and safety program is comprised of 14 sections, including hazard assessments and safe work procedures, and these sections are updated on a regular basis.
Aside from in-depth policies and strict guidelines, a significant portion of the program is dedicated to personal protection and the prevention of work place incidents.
Training covers a number of issues from ergonomics and first aid, to emergency procedures, to how to assess risky situations...

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