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Occupational Therapy In Preschool And Early Intervention

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For my final research report I decided to do my research on occupational therapy in preschool and early intervention. The purpose of my research is to discover what an occupational therapist in a preschool and early intervention setting does on a daily basis. I believe young children need the most assistance before they enter elementary school. Children start to become their own person when they are young. If they are not taught to succeed at an early age then they might not be able to succeed when they get older. Also, if a young child has a disability and cannot do the same activities as their peers it can set them up for insecurity and feeling left out. If a child can get help with their ...view middle of the document...

Motor control is described as the ability to use the body effectively. It gives an infant a means of mobility and the ability to explore the environment. It also can give a young child the ability to communicate before speech is developed. Motor control is the root of many treatment interventions for occupational therapy. It can help improve the quality of movement and functioning of infant through handling. Handling is defined as a specific way an infant is physically moved to foster the goals of the motor treatment program. A child that might need therapy in motor control skills would be a child who has trouble either be able to move around by themselves or has trouble communicating before they can speak.
Another ability an infant might need an occupational therapist to work with them on is sensory modulation, which is the ability to regulate the sensory processes needed to maintain a state of equilibrium. A child needs help when they have trouble with their sensory abilities. For example, a child might not be able to stand the touch of wool or the sound of a certain song. I have a little brother with Down syndrome, when he was younger he could not stand the touch of fuzzy items. He had to work with an occupational therapist for many years but he is now able to touch whatever he wants without screaming. Sensory modulation is essential for well-developed functioning in other areas. It is very hard to help with sensory modulation because assessments and treatments of sensory modulations have not been systemically studied and reported.
A young child might also need help from an occupational therapist if they have problems with adaptive coping. Coping is a process of caring for oneself and responding effectively to the demands of the environment. The goal of the occupational therapist with the child would be to make a better fit between the infant and the environment by changing the demands on the infant to fit his or her capabilities, by enhancing the infant's developmental skills and coping resources, and by changing the environment's response to the infant. Adaptive coping is also integrated into other aspects of occupational therapy such as motor control or social-environment development. An occupational therapist might need to help a child to care for itself or be able to respond to their environment around them.
Another skill a young child might need therapy to help with would be sensorimotor development. During the sensorimotor stage of an infant’s life is when an infant's knowledge of the world is limited to his or her sensory perceptions and motor activities. A child learns their environment by looking, sucking, grasping, and listening. If a child has problems with sensorimotor development they are not able to be aware of their environment around them. A young child needs to be able to tell what is going on around them or they will have many problems.
An infant might also need help from an occupational therapist with...

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