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“She hurried away, and I turned over the book, reading through blurry eyes. OCD: How Compulsions Can Take over Our Lives.” The book OCDaniel is an heartbreaking yet jaw-dropping book that will send you flying on a roller coaster of emotion and laughter. A theme that really stood out to me in the book was friendship and trust. The reason I think that theme is because Sara and Daniel became close friends while trying to solve the disappearance of Sara’s father, and would probably do anything for each other. I also think that friendship and trust is the main theme in the book because when Sara asked Daniel to help her find her father Daniel was hesitant and reluctant at first, he grew to trust Sara and even broke into people’s houses with her just to help her find someone he doesn't even know. The final reason that I think that friendship and trust is the highlighted theme is that Daniel’s ol’ pal Max is very protective of Daniel and does his best to cheer him up if he messes up or something.
One of the main reasons that I think the theme of the book is friendship and trust is that Sara and Daniel became very close friends while investigating the case of Sara’s father’s strange absence. An example is when Sara hugged Daniel for saying to her “You are a Star Child for life,” Daniel didn’t recoil, pull back or anything, he let her hug him even though he knew people were probably watching and whispering behind his back. I think he did this because he now thought of Sara as a “friend” whereas before they investigated her father’s absence he thought of her as “Psycho Sara” just like everybody else until he got to know Sara and her history a bit better. Another possibility is that maybe Daniel likes Sara (page 346) as the book read “But as I stared up at the stucco ceiling, it wasn’t Raya’s face I saw there,” implying that the face could’ve been Sara’s, as he was thinking about her earlier. A fairly interesting reason I think the theme of the book and trust and friendship is because there were many examples in the book how Sara and Daniel would possibly do anything (most things) for each other. For example, Daniel is the only person Sara can rely on (other than her Dad, who was deceased). Sara doesn't even speak to her mother most of the time, but she only speaks to Daniel because he is her fellow “Star Child” or because Sara used to like him (maybe she still does). The last example is when Sara’s mother called Daniel on Sara’s phone telling him that Sara was missing, and if that she was with him. Daniel immediately got up to search for her, even though it was already dark and cold outside. He searched all night but when Sara was nowhere to be found, Daniel even requested his mom to call the police. He had the guts to tell them about Sara and his investigation even though the chance of them believing him were slim. After that conversation, Sara was still nowhere to be found, so Daniel even went outside one last time in the hopes of finding Sara. This...

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