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Ocean Geography 2
The Ocean is a large body of water that is saline (salty). Around 71% of earth’s surface is cover by the oceans. The Ocean is very important to plants and animals. It has also been important to human history. Much exploration has been done by water and has been used for centuries in exploration and migration. The earth is devided into five different oceans which are all connected due to ocean currents and circulates water all around earth.
The first ocean is…..
The Pacific Ocean which the world's largest ocean and measures 60,060,700 square miles. The CIA World Factbook says it covers 28% of the Earth and it equals in size to almost all the land area on Earth. The Pacific Ocean is located in the middle (between) the Southern Ocean, Asia and Australia and the Western Hemisphere. The depth is calculated to be 13,215 feet. Also it is said that its deepest point is the Challenger Deep within Mariana Trench near Japan. The Pacific Ocean is important to geography because of its size, history of exploration, and the migration that has been done.
The Atlantic Ocean is the world's second-largest ocean which measures 29,637,900 square miles. Its located between Europe, Africa, Southern Ocean and the Western Hemisphere. The depth Stated of the Atlantic Ocean is 12,880 feet deep. The deepest point is said to be near Puerto Rico. The Atlantic Ocean is one of the most important when it comes to the weather because the strong Atlantic hurricanes develop off the coast of Cape Verde, Africa and move in the direction of the Caribbean Sea from August to November.

Ocean Geography 3
The Indian Ocean is the world's third largest ocean and measures 26,469,900 square miles. It is located between Africa, Asia and Australia and the southern ocean. The depth...

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