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Ocean Habitats And Plastic Pollution Essay

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Ocean habitats are being destroyed everyday due to plastic pollution. Nearly 90% of all liter is plastic. This deadly plastic end up in the ocean and then multiplies every year which results in the deaths of nearly 100,000 forms of marine mammals as well as one million sea birds. We as human beings need to reduce and remove our oceans plastic. Albatross chicks are sea birds that live in the ocean.
Every year 500,000 chicks are born 200,000 will die due to plastic pollution. These chicks do not stand a chance based upon their diet which consists of a regurgitated substance from their parent of their necessary nutrition intakes. The plastic that is picked up from their parents enter ...view middle of the document...

27 billion dollars according to Plastic oceans is spent because of the impact of these plastics. This is in clean up in damage but 3 times more is spent to create the same products we are trying to rid of. These are the taxes of the American people and the minimum wages of others around the world. One mistake leads to billons of solutions. As the United States of America as a nation we spend 7 trillion dollars in resources to clean up our mess that we made from plastic. There have been modes of action to try and stop plastic pollution in our oceans only to no avail. These resources include teams of trained professionals that specialize in marine biology and ocean clean up.
Other countries around the world are doing their parts for clean up as well. Cinque Terre region of Italy banned plastic bottles after having to clean up 2 million of them. The United States government is making sure that the money goes toward foundations and groups on the clean up of the ocean. These foundations are called Ocean Conservancy, Clean up marine Debris through Project Aware, as well as Charitable Foundations and many more. The government is not the only way that oceans should be safe from debris. There should be other ways the message should be delivered about getting dangerous plastics out of the water. Multiple schools and programs have helped children understand. The process is as follows on how you can keep your ocean safe from the dangers of plastic pollution.

The 3 R’s are the most basic ways to begin the conclusion of plastic in the oceans. Reduce plastic which means to lessen the amount of plastic that is used on a daily basis. Reducing plastic is as simple as using glass up over red plastic ones for drinks or glass plate sets over multiple packages of plastic utensils. Reuse plastic, the definition of reusing plastic is to...

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