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There are many types of pollutions in the world but Ocean pollution harms a lot of living things in the world. Due to the severity of ocean pollution it kills many people, animals, and poison the waters. Ocean pollution originates from many sources therefore the problem is becoming difficult to prevent. This paper will examine the history of ocean pollution, what the situation is like today, and what is being done to help resolve or alleviate the problem.
Ocean pollution started becoming a problem in the 19th century when the Industrial Revolution was born. The Industrial Revolution was a problem because the factories were letting pollutants get into the oceans,rivers,and lakes.In the 1960s an environmental movement began to emerge that sought to steam the tide of pollutant flowing into the planet’s ecosystem.The movement end up paying off in the long run because people started to acknowledge what was going on, and started an act called the clean water act in 1972.The clean water act ended up being passed in 1972, the act was made to reduce water pollution. Even with the clean water act pollution was still a problem around the world. Forexample more than 62 percent of industrial and municipal facilities across the country discharge more pollution into the U.S.In 1989 one of the worst pollution that happen in history was an oil spill called Exxon Valdez oil spill ,which approximately eleven million gallons of crude oil.The oil spill generate a three square mile oil slick , instantly killed hundreds of thousands of birds, fish, and demolish the area for many years after.
in today’s society water pollution hasn’t got any better than it was in the early times.In today’s society people tend to be lazy and not care about what is happening to our oceans.Forexample thousands of people throw their trash on the ground after they are done eating their food or drinking water or soda.All the trash that humans throw on ground, mostly all of it ends up in the ocean,rivers,and lakes.The pollution come from millions of motor vehicle engines that drop small amounts of oil everyday.Eighty percent of the pollution comes from land.The pollution has many ways to get...

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