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The oceans are in trouble. The animals and plants are in danger of being killed. People are also being harmed by toxins in the water. Why is this happening? The ocean is full of trash and other forms of pollution from humans like noise pollution. The ocean is not a garbage can, people! People are creating too much trash and a lot of it is ending up in the oceans. What can be done about this? People could create less garbage. The environment could be helped by taking simple steps like bring your own bags to the grocery store or carry a reusable water bottle. These simple steps will help stop so much garbage going into the ocean. Pollution is killing the life in the water, the animals and ...view middle of the document...

(Green Science, Jakuboski) Our society annually tosses out 240 million tires, 1.6 billion pens, 2 billion razors and blades and 16 billion disposable diapers.
"We've been killing ocean life and trying to find it at the same time," says Kathryn O'Hara, a marine biologist with the Center for Marine Conservation in Washington, D.C. "On one hand, we're destroying our world; on the other, we're just starting to understand it."
In 1977 Congress prohibited the Environmental Protection Agency from issuing any permits for dumping sewage sludge after December 31, 1981. New York City, however, went to court and, after a favorable court decision, continued dumping sewage sludge. And during heavy downpours all over our coasts, raw sewage seeps directly into the water because of overflow or equipment failure. "It's scary as hell for business, and for people who value their health," says Clifford Hillman, who owns a shrimp and oyster company on Galveston Bay, Texas. Texas has been closing its shellfish beds about a dozen times a year since 1985.
More than 250 dead dolphins washed ashore along the Atlantic Coast during the summer of 1987. Some 50 beluga whales, already on the federal endangered species list, have washed up on the shores of the St. Lawrence River in the last four years. The whales died of bladder cancer and AIDS-type symptoms. Researchers found high levels of dangerous organic residues in their tissue.
A mysterious epidemic killed more than 7,000 seals in the heavily polluted North Sea in 1988. Biologists say industrial poisons there may have weakened the animals' immune systems. Most states have issued advisories limiting the consumption of fish caught in certain coastal and recreational waters. The list continues. As toxins travel up the food chain, the contaminants become more concentrated. We're only now realizing that the top of the food chain is not always the safest place to be. But it's not easy at the bottom, either. For phytoplankton--the free-floating microscopic plants that form the basis of our food chain and biosphere--survival is harder than ever. A large piece of broken fishing net, a weathered shipping palette, an oil can, a melange of odd-shaped plastic pieces. Each item is just another major threat to the world's oceans. Trash hurt animals in many ways. They could eat it or get stuck in it etc. Beaches and oceans worldwide are filled with trash.
A lot of people are worrying about the world's oceans these days. In 2000, Congress passed the landmark Oceans Act, an act that establish a commission of experts to assess threats to marine life and resources and develop recommendations for a new comprehensive ocean policy.
Activists are angry at the White House's rejection of its own commission's proposal to take $4 billion out of federal offshore oil and gas money to fund an oceans trust fund.
Every year the Ocean Conservancy organizes an international coastal cleanup where over 500,000 volunteers pick up millions of tons...

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