Ocean Protection And Conservation Essay

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The oceans need to be protected because it is where life began and if not taken care of, life as we know it will end. When dangerous substances go into the ocean, ecosystems are suffer and become endangered along with lives of people and of marine life. Surfrider Foundation recognizes the importance of protecting and preserving the quality and biodiversity of the world's coasts because they are truly irreplaceable. There is also historical evidence of ocean pollution being present in the past, but the problem still lingers today. Heal the Bay discovered that,“Did you know there is a DDT and PCB hot spot off the coast of Palos Verdes? This superfund site (which indicates it's one of the most polluted places in the United States), is left over from a 1930's era chemical plant. Because DDT takes so long to break down in the marine environment, it persists to this day, contaminating certain species of fish. There are also highly polluted sediments in the Long Beach area, a sign of the heavy shipping in the port. Heal the Bay works on developing effective capping and removal plans to keep those toxins from spreading” (Heal the Bay). DDT is still highly concentrated in the South Bay area and still contaminating different species of fish. Even after more than 80 years DDT, a toxic insecticide, is still very concentrated and during upwellings, DDT particles come back up and continue to harm marine life. If humans are careless about what is thrown on the floor or sprayed on lawns, it can lead to disastrous affects when it comes to the condition of the ocean's ecosystems, and can endanger life itself leading to a problem that only we can mend.
The ocean can serve man purposes things for many different people; as a school, a home, a park, or even a dinner table. If the oceans loose their ability to sustain life, life as we know it on this planet will diverge. California faces many controversial problems, one of the biggest and the most ignored is ocean pollution. Ocean pollution is when urban or agricultural waste, chemicals, or materials go into the ocean, and as a result is a degrading effect. It not only affects humans but also affects other living things or the ecosystems they live in. Even the most common echinoderm along the Pacific Coast, the Pisaster ochraceus or Ochre Sea Star, according to Heal the Bay, is being infected by a widespread disease called Sea Star Wasting Disease. This disease is spreading with increased frequency and is said to be linked to bacteria contamination in the ocean. Additionally, the disease is starting to take a toll on stars in the South Bay and Palos Verdes, including the inhabitants of the SEA Laboratory in Redondo Beach. As Ochre Stars die off, as a keystone species, other organisms depend on them, without them, organisms and ecosystems disappear.
One of the most poorly understood causes ocean pollution is urban runoff. Urban runoff is also one of the leading causes of ocean pollution, Surfrider agrees, “Urban...

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