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Ocean Wave Energy As An Alternative

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With the energy costs increasing and the available resources depleting many people are looking towards other renewable, easily derived energy resources. With this searching many people have looked toward ocean energy. Ocean energy is an ideal resource meeting the requirements people set when looking for new sources. Although the technology is still being developed and evolved, with the technology known ocean energy has already shown to be more prospective than other energy sources already in use.
The resources used currently to supply power to the people of the earth are highly restricted and have constant problems. There are many alternatives available for supplying energy, that are renewable and more nature conscious. One alternative to an energy resource is the use of the energy from the ocean waves, and converting it into usable energy. Ocean waves are one of the world’s most abundant sources of renewable energy. The power available from the ocean waves averages around two-three million watts. In more favorable conditions, the area can have an energy production can average 65 megawatts of power per device installed. Along with its power being easily extracted, it does not produce harmful emissions or by-products making it less polluting. If we use the ocean’s energy then we can effectively produce a cheap and renewable energy source (Ocean Wave Energy Company, 2006)
Some of the first research done on the energy of wave’s dates back as far as 1799,
On July 12, 1799 the fist patent for wave energy was filled in Paris for Mr. Girard. The basic concepts of the past are not too unrelated to those being used more currently. The concepts come from the knowledge that the majority of the solar energy is absorbed by ocean, causing a thermal conversion and the creation of winds leading to the developments of waves. Since the heat of the atmosphere creates the winds leading to the creation of waves, wave energy can be seen as a by-product of solar energy. The energy from the waves is transported long distances easily and little energy is lost. Although the energy is transported, the water is not moved. The amount of energy extracted depends on the height of the wave and the speed of the waves; the areas that have the highest energy potential are within the latitude of 40 degrees and 60 degrees, in both the southern and northern half of the hemisphere (Carless, 1993, Gallachóir 2006, Ocean Wave Energy, 2006).
There are many applications to deriving the energy from waves, but the three most known are: Floats or Pitching Devices, Oscillating Water Columns, and Water Surge or Focusing Devices. The Floats are devices that stay close to the surface of the ocean and are usually attached to a raft or the ocean floor. The buoys can convert many waves, coming from multiple directions.
The Oscillating Water Columns (OWC) is a pressure-activated device that is shaped as a cylindrical rod. There devices use...

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