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The true story of sea worlds orcasThe main attraction of sea world is its amazing Orcas or Killer Whales, a name they have well earned due to the many attacks that have taken place through out the years at sea world.The killer whales at sea world have been preforming in front of large crowds for years, impressing the crowds and giving sea world a big name and a large profit. Although most of the shows wowed the audience not all of them ended so well. On July 30, 2010- the 12,000-pound Orca named Tilikum dragged his Sea World trainer into the pool and drowned her, it was the third time the big killer whale had been involved in a death. Many observers wondered why the animal was still working. But some experts, knowing the psychological toll of a life spent in captivity, have posed the darker question: wondering whether it was all just human error or can a killer whale choose to kill?To answer this question you would need to go back to how the killer whales got to sea world in the first place, in the documentary 'Black Fish' many of the people who had been associated with sea world and what really goes on behind the scenes had confessed to what they knew. A man who had helped out with the capture of Tilikum had said that to capture the young whales they would chase them down with boats and helicopters then separate the calves from their mothers which in the process many calves died, and the mother Whales were left crying for their calves. With a past like this it is very likely to create physiological out breaks and frustration, and this was how Tilikums start at Sea World began.Another cause for such behaviour coming from the whales is the habitat they live in, when the whales have finished for the day the are locked up In small pools with other whales and when there is such little room to move the whales begin to get frustrated and lash out at the others, which in this case...

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