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Oceanariums: Beneficial To The Animals And The Public

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Tuesday April 23, 1996 at approximately 8 a.m. Florida's Homosassa Springs Park was the sight of a joyous event. Sweet Pea, a wayward manatee rescued more than 900 miles from her home, was ready to be introduced to the wild. The 1,450 pound manatee was spotted near a municipal wastewater treatment plant in the Houston Ship Channel in Texas. She was rescued and rushed to Sea World of Texas for monitoring, tests, and round-the-clock care. After gaining more than 200 pounds, animal care experts at Sea World believed it was time for Sweet Pea to take another step closer to her eventual reintroduction. This manatee's story from Siren's Song (Sea World Education) ended in triumph but it also underscores the dedication of people who fight to save these endangered animals. Without successful rehabilitation programs such as the one above hosted by an oceanarium like Sea World, Sweet Pea and many other manatee's would die. Oceanariums are moral and beneficial because they directly educate the public about conservation ecology, they provide suit habitats and environmental enrichment for all of their fish and mammals, and they perform research studies on social behavior and population that allow for new methods of treatment and understanding of marine life in the wild.Undoubtedly, oceanariums remove marine mammals and fish from the wild and place them in captivity. It has been thought that "In captive killer whales, it [captivity] is the probable cause of dorsal fin collapse, as without the support of water, gravity pulls these tall appendages over as the whale matures. Collapsed fins are experienced by all captive male orcas and many captive female orcas, who were either captured as juveniles or who were born in captivity" ("Marine Mammals"). Critics have gone so far as to say that marine mammals are held in captivity solely for entertainment purposes and that the animals are treated inhumanely. Despite all of these claims, marine mammals in captivity are not solely "entertainers." The conditions of their habitats and the purpose their captivity serves goes far beyond the extent of a stage performance.Oceanariums are moral because they provide suit habitats and environmental enrichment for all of their fish and mammals. Secondly, oceanariums provide adequate exercise for their animals through behaviors performed during "shows." There are various spacial requirements ensuring an environment suit for the animals. "Enclosures for marine mammals must provide adequately for maintenance, care and welfare of the animal. Welfare of the animal means that size is adequate, social groups are provided and the captive environment provides diversity through the provision of enrichment programs" (Lien). All fish and mammals at oceanariums are constantly monitored for their health and behavior. Veterinary standards are very high, in turn, care for these animals is only the best. Many oceanariums, like Sea World San Diego, provide environmental enrichment programs with the...

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