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There is a “dead zone” the size of New Jersey in the Gulf of Mexico in which aquatic life cannot survive (Walls – Thumma). There is a garbage patch the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean. Dead Zones are just one example of the horrific effects that water pollution has on life. Every day millions of sea critters, as well as humans are victim to a harder life at the hand of pollution. With all the great that plastic does for humans, it has proven itself catastrophic for all living organisms on Earth. The problem is no single organization, or country wants to lead the journey to stop the excessive amounts of pollution. All though no single country is to blame, there needs to be a demanding ...view middle of the document...

Many people envision a large land fill in the middle of the ocean. This is true in a sense that the area has a large density of plastics, but many pieces are invisible or barely visible to the human eye. When the plastics we use end up in the ocean the sun keeps breaking them down into smaller and smaller pieces. They do not go away however, but instead they are the size of small fish and other creatures and can be mistaken for food.
Garbage patches are formed due to the poor disposal of trash and the natural currents of the ocean. According to National Geographic, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch formed between Hawaii and California, because of the large gyre in the area. The gyre prevents the garbage from spreading out. The garbage stays in the center of the gyre instead. In doing so, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch refers to the containment of garbage in the center of the gyre. The large accumulation of garbage in the patch is largely due to the fact that most of the trash accumulated is not biodegradable (“Great Pacific Garbage Patch”). The main reason plastic is such a deadly polluter is it is not biodegradable. All the plastic that has ever been produced is still located on Earth somewhere.
Garbage Patches are a major political concern because they are not directly associated with any one country. The Oceans are international waters and with that, no specific country feels the need to take responsibility (“Great Pacific Garbage Patch”). This might actually be the biggest pollution issue that needs to be addressed. Countries should not be able to turn a blind eye to the issue that is harming everything from microplanktion to humans. According to National Geographic there is really no easy clean up because of the size of the plastic particles in the ocean (“Great Pacific Garbage Patch”). If clean-up crews were to come through with nets, they would scoop up just as much aquatic life as plastic debris (“Great Pacific Garbage Patch”).
These Garbage islands don’t just harm the physical environment. Everyday plastic pollutants wash up on shores, sink to the ocean floor, and harm life. The plastics that make it into the aquatic environment are invasive and have seriously harmed the aquatic life population. According to SaveOurShores, the aquatic life are harmed by the plastic in three distinct ways. Aquatic Life mistake small pieces of plastic for food. Plastic unlike food doesn’t digest. The plastic would sit in the animal’s stomach, eventually filling it up. During this time the animal would mistakenly think it was full and not eat what it needed to. This would in turn kill the animal. Another negative side effect from plastic pollution is suffocation. Animals can consume plastic and get it stuck in the airways resulting in a suffocation. This is especially common in the consumption of plastic bags. Animals can also get tangled in the plastic nets, and fishing wire left at sea. This can cause immobility and result in the animals starving...

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