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Ockham Technologies: Living On The Razor’s Edge Case Study Entrepreneurship Master Of Business Administration Case Analysis

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CASE 5 – Ockham Technologies: Living on the Razor’s Edge
First of all, Jim Triandiflou and Mike Meisenheimer need to recuperate and increase their communication in order to improve their working relationship. They need to handle the increasing tension and address the issues as quickly as possible. Otherwise the company will take a nosedive in the near future. Jim must involve Mike in his decision-making processes and establish clear working boundaries plus open communications for smoother operations in their company. They should separate the duties in and create restrictions so that none of them would have complete control over strategic company decisions. On an operational basis, they should split things up regarding to their individual strengths and expertise. As a result, they could work on different levels/areas/departments. This would guarantee that they are both partially involved in strategic business decisions and might help alleviate some control issues that currently exist at Ockham.
Ockham Technologies should obtain financing from Noro-Moseley. The terms are not as good as the ones of Monarch Capital Partners or the Texas real estate investors. However, they could retain control of the company and would do business with experienced partners. The “Texas guys” are more interested in profits and would not be participating or help in business questions. While comparing the alternative financiers, Noro-Moseley is best suited for Ockham for two reasons: First, they are the largest and well-known venture capital firm in...

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