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October Sky The Movie: "October Sky Explores Universal Themes That Are Relevant In Any Decade. Discuss."

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The movie October Sky deals with a lot of themes that still exist in societies all over the world today.One of the main themes and perhaps the most obvious is the inspiring idea of chasing one's dream and never giving up until success is found. In the movie, we find Homer Hickam, an average small-town boy, intrigued by the launch of Soviet satellite Sputnik and infatuated with the idea of joining the space race and making his own rockets. Homer becomes inspired to better himself. He wants to successfully build rockets and with further encouragement from his teacher, Miss Riley, he and his friends enter a science fair in which they have the chance to receive college scholarships. This is Homer's dream and he sets his goals accordingly to achieve his dream. Homer doesn't allow any obstacle, even family troubles, to stop him from obtaining his dream. His recognition of his goals and persistence in achieving them is a very admirable thing to do and is something that still happens all the time.Over different decades the dreams may change and the challenges one face to achieve them may be different but no matter what decade, people are always going to have dreams and goals they want to achieve in their lives. Every person has a desire to be successful and happy. Success and achievement of dreams does not come easy. A person must have determination to be successful and the theme of aspiring to a goal and a better life does not go away over decades, no matter how big or small the dream is.Family conflict is another theme that is universal for many...

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804 words - 3 pages at university. In small mining towns this was a privilege only reserved for those who could obtain sporting scholarships. Despite many failures that nearly get them shut down, their final success inspire the whole town to believe that even in Coalwood, there's nothing wrong with shooting for the stars.The viewer's first impression of Homer is a teenager, under constant pressure trying to live up to his father's expectations, attempting his best

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682 words - 3 pages OCTOBER SKYThrough out the movie October Sky the Rocket Boys faced many obstacles that they didn't always pass through quickly. But in the end they overcame those and proved to be successful. Through these unsuccessful and successful events the Rocket Boys challenged themselves and the people around them to believe in the unbelievable. If everyone thought they were to grow up to be miners like everyone else in the town of Coalwood, then they

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3350 words - 13 pages college and is unbound to Coalwood. Although various minor failures were encountered along the way, Hickam's memoir finally unravels into a story of triumph. Sonny Hickam achieves his most important goals and his story becomes one of inspiration and success.As the times, the settings, the themes, the events, and even the people of each of the stories are rather diverse, the chief characters of both The Catcher in the Rye and October Sky are

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744 words - 3 pages October Sky was written by Homer Hickam. Describes Homer growing up in the small mining town of Coalwood, West Virginia. He became fascinated with rockets and began the BCMA (Big Creek Missile Agency), to make rockets and discover what made them fly. Written as an autobiography about his life. The story takes place in a small coal mining town in West Virginia from 1957 on. The main form of conflicts in October Sky are man vs. man. Homer Hickam

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2456 words - 10 pages education to achieve success, both in the short and long term. Throw in a little danger, teen-age angst, and a sexual coming-of-age subplot, and all the required elements for an engrossing story are there. Despite Hickam's less than stellar prose, the story manages to effectively convey a bittersweet poignancy as the humble coal miner's son journeys to the epitome of technological status: becoming a literal "rocket scientist

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