Odelope Is My Otp: Odysseus’ Journey Backwards Becoming Worthy Of Penelope’s Love

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Before The Odyssey even begins, it is told that Odysseus is lost at sea. Odysseus, cursed by the god Poseidon, owns up to his own, and other’s, mistakes, all creating a long and difficult journey back to Ithaca, his home, involving monsters and many hardships. In his journey home, Odysseus finds out much about the world and himself. When Odysseus finally returns, after 20 years of wandering, we know he has been with three women, other than his wife Penelope, who he left at Ithaca: Circe, Calypso, and Nausicaa. Along with his adventure, these three women teach Odysseus about himself. Each time Odysseus lands on one of the three women’s islands, he is offered shelter, food, and their love. The ...view middle of the document...

According to Hermes instructions, “She’ll cower in fear and coax you to her bed– / but don’t refuse the goddess’ bed, not if she’s to release your friends and treat you well yourself.” (10.328-30) In Hermes instructions, he has to specifically tell Odysseus not to refuse to sleep with Circe. Why would Hermes have to tell Odysseus this when we see that Odysseus sleeps around with other women later in his adventure? Since this is infact Odysseus’ first encounter with a woman in his journey, the only reason that Hermes would tell Odysseus this is for the reason that Hermes would be scared of Odysseus’ loyalty to Penelope, and that he would refuse Circe’s sex. After Odysseus saves his crew and beds with Circe, the book flashes forward a year later, to his crew telling him, “Captain, this is madness! / High time you thought of your own home at last, / if it really is your fate to make it back alive” (10.520-23) Unbelievers of Odysseus’ loyalty to Penelope use this to show Odysseus does not deserve Penelope’s love, but the fact that Odysseus overstayed his break and needed to be told this only shows how a year can really change someone. Before the year began, Odysseus didn’t even want to be with Circe. After just a year, he wants to continue living with her. This reveals Odysseus’ infidelity to Penelope at the time when with Circe, but when looking at the big picture, shows Odysseus’ journey from the person he was when he left Ithaca. Odysseus’ journey back from Troy is not just one back to Ithaca, back to Penelope, to an unfamiliar son, but a journey back to himself.
Calypso’s capture of Odysseus, and Odysseus’ reaction to his capture, shows his love for Penelope, and his increasing growth of worthiness for Penelope’s love. Calypso’s capture is a pivotal point in Odysseus’ adventure. Physically, Odysseus didn’t advance in his adventure home, but mentally he progressed the most on his seven years with Calypso. In the story it is told that “In the nights true, / he’d sleep with her in the arching cave– he had no choice– /.../ But all his days he’d [gaze] out over the barren sea through blinding tears.” (5.170-75) This quote begs the question: why did Odysseus not have a choice? We know from other stories that Calypso is a very weak goddess. Odysseus is lonely, and to numb the pain of losing Penelope, he sleeps with Calypso. This type of sex is very different from the sex Odysseus has with Circe. When Odysseus first sleeps with Circe, it is to free his friends, and later, turns into meaningful sex, as he continues to have sex with Circe, and without a reason, but for sex. This is opposite from his relations with Calypso, as shown by his two types of tears, the ones for Ithaca as he “[gazes] out over the barren sea through blinding tears” towards Ithaca. His other tears reveal his progress in his journey back to his old loyal self: “...weeping his eyes never dry, his life flowing away / with the tears for his foiled journey home, / since the nymph no...

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