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Odessey Essay

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Odysseus was portrayed as an ingenious hero of the epic all through THE ODYSSEY by HOMER. Even though, Odysseus had many traits which proved him to be an ingenious person but the two most important traits were, Odysseus being strategic and clever.Odysseus suffered from many dangerous situations but he overcame over those situations with the help of his outstanding strategies. For instance, Odysseus and his companions were captured by a Cyclope, whose name was Polyphemus. But later, Odysseus with his companions succeeded to run away because of Odysseus's clever strategy. When Odysseus and his companions landed on Cyclopeian Island, Odysseus wanted to investigate that what type of men lived there. Therefore, Odysseus with his companions walked up to a cave. There they found food and lambs, Odysseus's men wanted to eat the food but Odysseus asked them not to eat them. Later, Polyphemus, a monster with only one big eye in the middle of his head, returned to the cave, Odysseus and his men hid and saw him milked the ewes. When Polyphemus saw them, he didn't waste a minute in having a might dinner. So he killed two of Odysseus's men brutally and ate them in dinner. Although, Odysseus had a sword but didn't dare to kill Polyphemus because he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to move the stone in front of the cave's entrance, which Polyphemus could only move. Odysseus became afraid that soon Polyphemus would eat every one of them, later; Odysseus came up with a clever idea. When dawn rises, Polyphemus lighted a fire and takes his sheep through the door. On the other hand, Odysseus found a giant size wood of olive tree and sharpened it in the fire to poke Polyphemus with that wood, moreover they hid that piece of wood so Polyphemus could not see it. When Polyphemus came back Odysseus offered him the divine wine, which Polyphemus drank all, Polyphemus was drunk enough that he went to sleep. Meanwhile, Odysseus with his comrades attacked Polyphemus and poked Polyphemus's eyes out. As a result, he yelled out for help. The other Cyclops gathered around the outside of the closed cave trying to figure out that what caused the terrible cry. Polyphemus yelled to them that NOMAN tricked him; NOMAN was the name that Odysseus told as his name to Polyphemus. Other Cyclops thought that nobody was in the cave so how could anybody hurt him so they went away because they assumed it was work of gods. Then, Odysseus thought hard to figure out how to get out of the cave; soon, he devised a way for the men and himself to be strapped under the bellies of the sheep. The next morning Polyphemus opened the door to let his sheep out, as the sheep went out of the cave so did Odysseus and his comrades. In this way Odysseus with his men succeeded to escape form Polyphemus' captivity, which showed that Odysseus was a strategic person. Another example from the text which proved Odysseus to be a strategic person was, when Odysseus arrived in Ithica but disguised himself as a beggar...

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