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Character Analysis Of Odyssey By Homer

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Have you ever wanted something so much, that you weren't going to let anything come between you and that goal, even though you know it will take everything you have? Have you ever had a moment where you feel like giving up, but you keep going? King Odysseus is a man who had everything taken away from him on his journey home after the great battle of Troy, and he had many of these moments in the epic, "The Odyssey", by Homer. Odysseus shows his extreme amounts of determination all throughout this exciting story.
Odysseus is a man separated from his wife, his son, and his home. All he wishes for is to return home, and he won't stop until he uses every ounce of his wisdom to get home and be with the ones he loves in the land he loves. He will not lay his eyes on the beauty of his homeland for twenty years, but he never quits. Even the loveliest goddess, Calypso, could not seduce him to stay with her when he had the choice to stay or go. Not even the enchantress, Circe, could convince him to stay with her. His eyes were always looking ahead to his homeland.
Once Odysseus and his men made it to the Cyclopes land, he did not bring all of his crew with him. He only brought with him his best fighters, showing how wise he was in strategy. And again, to prove his wisdom further, when Polyphemus, the Cyclops who has trapped Odysseus and his men, asked Odysseus where his ship was, and Odysseus, using wisdom, convinced the Cyclops that their ship was destroyed and that they were the only survivors. This kept the Cyclops from going and looking for the crew's ship and finding it, killing everyone on board.
Odysseus continued proving his wisdom in the Cyclops’s den while he worked to get out of the cave. While Polyphemus was tending the flock of sheep, Odysseus and his men made a six-foot spear and hid it under a large pile of dung so that Polyphemus would not find it. Then, when Polyphemus returned, they gave him their strong wine that made him pass out when he drank it.
Once Polyphemus passed out, Odysseus and his men retrieved the spear they had made, and they stabbed his only eye out. They did not kill him because Odysseus thought to himself about the fact that if they killed the Cyclops, nobody would be able to move the giant stone blocking the exit, and they would all die in the cave. This shows Odysseus's wisdom by thinking ahead, saving everyone in the cave.
When Polyphemus's eye had been stabbed out, he opened the door and called to his Cyclops brothers. When they asked who had ruined him, Polyphemus replied, "Nohbdy, Nohbdy's tricked me! Nohbdy's ruined me!" (1057) When the other Cyclopes heard this, they thought he was saying "Nobody", so they went home and did not think twice about it. Odysseus had planned far ahead and told Polyphemus that his name was Nohbdy. This shows a huge amount of Odysseus's wisdom as well.
Though the Cyclops could no longer see, he still kept them in the cave. Every time he opened the cave to...

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