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During Odysseus’ journey back home to Ithaca, him and his crew encountered many evils and troubles. Almost every one of these took at least one of his men. Scylla is an example of this. This monster took six of Odysseus’ men while on the journey home. Nearly ever was it Odysseus’ fault. His men caused most of the problems that haunted them back to Ithaca.
His hardships started when he was sent off to fight in the Trojan War. He had to fight because he had made an oath to Helen’s husband that he would always defend her honor. When Paris abducted Helen he was then forced to fight. After he had fought for Helen and had left, the wind then swept him to the island of the Cicones and fought and lost many men. He survived this mishap and then suffered another after sailing for quite a while. Odysseus and his men came upon an island and he sent three of his men to check it out and it was the island of the lotus-eaters. (The lotus’ were toxic and highly addictive, pretty much like a street drug in this day in time.) Once the three men approached the island, they were immediately tempted by the men on the island to eat the lotus. They were immediately addicted and did not continue the journey home to Ithaca with Odysseus and the other men.
Odysseus and his men were not prepared for what came next. They thought they were on their way home when they stopped for a break on the Island of Cyclopes. The crew started off by wondering around and finding something to eat and they saw the Cyclopes milking her sheep and when she herded the sheep back into the cave, Odysseus’ men started to follow but he stopped them and said that they would enter the cave at dawn. Odysseus woke, and they did just as planned. They saw the Cyclopes leave his cave and him and his men entered the cave hoping to get some cattle. But before they knew it the Cyclopes returned and they were trapped in the corner. They tried to stay quiet but the Cyclopes spotted them and asked what they were doing in his cave. He really didn’t care because he snatched two of his men up, smashed their heads, torn them limb by limb, ate them. Day by day he did this and when the Cyclopes was sleeping, Odysseus told his men that they needed to find a way to get out of there and so they did. When the Cyclopes awoke, Odysseus offered him some of his wine and he tried it and begged for more so Odysseus just kept giving it to him drink by drink until he was drunk. The Cyclopes asked Odysseus what his name was and Odysseus said “Nothing.” As soon he asked that, he fell over and slept peacefully. While he was sleeping Odysseus found a large branch and asked his strongest men to put the tip in the fire and when it was burning red, they shoved the hot part of the stick into the Cyclopes’ eye. The Cyclopes let out a loud roar that woke up his neighbors. They came running and asked if someone was killing him and the Cyclopes answered “Nothing is killing me!” So his neighbors left without second thought. When the...

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