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Oedipus As King Of Thebes: Antigone By Sophocles

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The effect of pride is the centers piece of man’s perpetual role in his own destruction. This is illustrated by various characters’ such as Creon in Antigone by Sophocles, Oedipus in Oedipus the King by Sophocles and the Trojans in the Aeneid by Virgil. In the Antigone we see the consequence of one’s pride and desire for power take hold, when Creon decides to punish Antigone for disobeying the law off the land and proving Polynices with a burial. The disregard for any form of sympathy would eventually come to hunt Creon, in a reversal of fortune that would see him loose not only his power but his family as well. A similar pattern is observed in the Aeneid by Virgil, where the Trojans filled with pride and neglecting the voice of reason, decide to carry the wooden horse into their city as a form of trophy. Consequently their attempt to feed their own hubris would be their doom, as the Greeks lying in wait within the horse ascend from it once in the city, delivering a brutal slaughter. The question then presents itself, are human beings all born with pride, doomed to fall victim to its deceitful nature as it presents itself in the choices of our daily lives, or is there a way to circumvent such emotions and its consequence?
Most often than not, pride is followed by the desire to preserve one’s own personal interest. This inability of man to put aside his personal glory at times plays a major role as the foundation of a prideful fall. However to understand the cause of this descent into selfishness and its consequence, one must consider what the prideful stands to gain. This idea of gain being the antithesis to prideful fall, is most illustrated by the Trojans in the Aeneid by Virgil. Left with the choice of either accepting the wooden horse as a sign of defeat or seeing it as a sign of treachery and burning it to the ground, the Trojans in their prideful state and naiveté conceded to the former by refusing to heed the advice of Laocoön. Beseeching his fellow brethren the text shows the advice of Laocoön as he attempted to beseech he fellow brethren on the matter of the Greek gift. Laocoön describes the Trojans as wretched citizens, questions their sanity in relation to their belief that their foe is gone; he petitions them to think that either the Greeks lie in wait for them within the horse ready to pounce once the take it into the city and hence they should not trust the horse (Ver. Aen. 2.56-90).However contrary to the wise advice of Laocoön the Greeks in their insatiable appetite to conquer more lands, lean on their own stupidity and fall on their prideful nature. They instead choose to listen to Sinon who was in fact a Greek left behind as he argued against the idea of Laocoön “But if under your hands it climbed into your city, Asia should advance in mighty war to the walls of Pelops, and a like fate awaited our children's children” (Ver. Aen. 2.226-240). Much like many contemporary nations today, the idea of gaining more, or at least the idea...

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