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Oedipus Essay From Ap Literature English Literature English Literature

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Saketh Sadhu
Period 6
Oedipus Essay
In “Oedipus” by Sophocles, the claim that the main theme in the play is you can’t escape your fate is true due to events in the play and Oedipus’s hubris that resulted in Oedipus to meet his fate.
In the Greek tragedy, “Oedipus the King”, the irony of fate brings the downfall of Oedipus. Fate, in this play occurs in many specific events which results in Oedipus’s downfall. The gods have already pronounced Oedipus’s and Jocasta’s fate even before they knew it. Their fate was in fact decreed the day they were born, and trying to avoid seems to have been pointless. Oedipus unsuccessfully tries to change his fate. An oracle has confirmed that his destiny is to marry his mother and kill his father. He does everything he can to change that fate, but because of his parents' actions in ordering him killed as an infant; his knowledge of the people who've raised him as parents is incorrect. Oedipus had no say in his fate and was incapable of changing anything. Another important event that set forth the steps towards Oedipus’s pre-determined fate was when the drunken man says that those who cared for Oedipus at Corinth were not his biological parents. In the lines “The gods dismissed my question … lie with my own mother, breed children … I should be my father’s murderer” (275 – 290), Oedipus learns about his dreadful prophecy. With this news, Oedipus chooses to flee from his adoptive parents in attempt to escape his fate. This decision only led Oedipus closer to his fate and allowed the first event of his prophecy take place.
Oedipus’s hubris is another major reason that led him straight to his unwanted fate. Rather than nobly accepting his fate, Oedipus attempts to run from his destiny. ...

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