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Loneliness is one of the most desolate emotions a human can feel; to feel alone means to be alone, at least most of the time. However, emotions are fickle and tend to stray away from the textbook definitions that humans have assigned them, instead choosing to become more complex. The complexity of emotions creates a multitude of interpretations, allowing each to become individualized with the human experiencing them. Writers have often taken advantage of the complexity of emotions and attempted to display them through their words, poems, and stories. Loneliness is one of those emotions that writers tend to favor because it explores the darker part of the human soul and allows room for growth and improvement in characters. The use of loneliness as an overall theme is thoroughly expressed in Elisavietta Ritchie’s poem “Sorting Laundry”, Willa Cather’s novel My Ántonia, Arthur Miller’s drama Death of a Salesman, and Jhumpa Lahiri’s short story “Interpreter of Maladies”. In each piece of literature, the writers explore the depth that loneliness has to offer as an emotion while their characters explore the various ways to handle that same depth.
In the poem “Sorting Laundry” by Elisavietta Ritchie, loneliness is established through the theme that oftentimes, in order to avoid feeling lonely, one will hold onto that which is no longer there. Although the persona never actually experiences true loneliness, she still fears of waking up to an “empty side of the bed” (line 51) where her lover normally lies. The relationship between the two, revealed to the reader as the persona sorts through their clothing and belongings, is not one that will lead to happily ever after. They may have been through “many washings” (lines 7-8) together, but they are worn thin and worn out, like the clothes being “recycl[ed] week after week… recapitulating themselves” (lines 17-18). It does not seem that the relationship will last much longer what with all the “forgotten matches” and “lost screws” (lines 29-30). Still, the persona continues to hold onto all the mismatched, flamboyant, and used items because of her fear of being alone. She continues to prolong the relationship in order to avoid her fear. To her, the space that would remain if her lover left her could not be filled with all that she owns: that space is greater than the empty relationship she is holding onto. Her fear spurs her to consider “folding [her lover] into [her] life” (lines 2-3), which sounds nice at face value but contains a much more complex meaning when actually looking at the words. By “folding” him into her life, she is essentially enveloping him in all that they have been through together and making him stay with her. The relationship is fading, but the persona will do whatever it takes to keep her lover around to avoid her imminent loneliness. She holds onto that which is no longer there because she does not want to acknowledge how lonely she actually is.
Similarly, Willa Cather’s novel, My...

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