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Of Friendship And Betrayal Essay

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Gray eyes stared up at the ceiling, lifeless except for the pulse which still strummed the melody of life. Emotions were suspended, her spirit was broken. She was alone, the silence was deafening. Her wounds still stung although they had been cleaned and expertly concealed but all she could think was she was alone.

Slowly the voices of others began to leak into the room and the girl tilted her head ever so slightly so she could hear the voices better. Immediately she recognized one voice as her father’s but she didn’t feel comforted by his presence. In fact it felt worse knowing he was here and could see how broken she was, how hopeless and alone. Bits and pieces of conversation floated into the room she was trapped in and she laid quietly imagining the two men as they spoke.

“…she’s never seemed quite right…delusions, yes…schizophrenia? I wouldn’t be surprised…I’m desperate really, she cannot go on…a new surgery? Well…leucotomy sounds perfect…the only option…” came her father’s words, most of the other man’s voice lost. Her emotions were a conflicted storm inside of her but most of all she felt terribly confused by the mixed fragments of conversation she picked up.

What did it all mean? Her frazzled mind couldn’t put the pieces together no matter which way she tried to fit them into the puzzle which was her life. The sound of footsteps fading away down the hall signaled the end of the exchange and the girl shifted slightly so she was more comfortable. Her eyes trailed along the bit of the drab room she could make out when her breath caught in her throat as she locked eyes on the man she was sure had deserted her for good.

“Hello Silvia.” The man said politely, bending over in a half bow which made the smallest seed of happiness swell to life in her chest.

“Where were you?” she choked out, her voice giving her away and letting slip some of the raging emotions she was utterly consumed by. She couldn’t help it, she felt betrayed. He had left her to fend for herself without even saying goodbye first. She didn’t even know if she’d see him again.

“I’m truly sorry for that.” He said, looking for all the world like he meant it, crossing the room and sitting himself down next to the girl. Despite herself and the part of her that told her she should be upset that he left her she was grateful for the company. “There were certain events I couldn’t bear to see. Please do believe me Silv, if there was anything I could have done to help you I wouldn’t have hesitated in doing so. But I’m afraid I’m cursed to be a bystander and I cannot interact with humans save for you.”

“Color me lucky.” The girl murmured and smiled a small, timid smile that reflected her feelings. “You don’t have to explain your actions; you came back and that’s all that matters. You’re the only one who came back for me.” She said, her voice trailing off at the end without her meaning to. The man was the only being who had ever cared for her and she found she couldn’t stay...

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