"Of Love And Other Demons", By Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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Love is a sacred thing, yet also a terrible demon. Without love we can't survive. When people give one another love it gives them strength and confidence in themselves. Of Love and Other Demons, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is about a twelve-year-old girl, Sierva Maria, who has the absence of love. She is bitten by a dog and is thought to be possessed. She is sent to a convent where Father Cayetano is her exorcist. The entire novel leads up to the forbidden love between Maria and Father Cayetano Delaura. For the first time Maria experiences love, "the most terrible demon of all." She finally knows how it feels to be loved and love someone else. There love for each other is so immense that they can't breathe without each other.Maria finally loves someone so much that she can't live without Father Cayetano. Love is "the most terrible demon of all," because it brings two people so close to each other that they can't live without each other. Father Cayetano would run to the convent just to see Sierva Maria. "He would reach the cell grasping for breath, soaked by the perpetual rains, and she would wait for him with so much longing that only his smile allowed her to breathe again" (126). He would reach there out of breath from excitement of seeing her again. Maria never knew there was such a thing as love and had never been loved before so this was a sensational feeling for her. It was so strong that she couldn't let go of it. Just seeing Father Cayetano's smile made her breathe again. They loved each other so much that they couldn't breathe without each other. They depended on each other. Sierva Maria felt like nothing without Father Cayetano. This is what makes love "the most terrible demon of all." Maria only feels special when she is with Cayetano. What about all the times she's not with Cayetano? She'll die from holding her breath waiting for him to come. When you love somebody you become so dependent on each other that without the person you are nobody. The moments that Sierva Maria is not with Father Cayetano, love is a demon. The love between them is so much that it doesn't let her have her own free time and not worry about him. Maria's parents never gave her love so when she found it, she couldn't live without it. Sierva Maria is seen to have all different characters but her true character is revealed with her lover. She finally found somebody who she loved and gave her love back.Their love for each other was so strong that they began to behave like husband and wife. "She kept the cell clean and neat for the moment he arrived with all the naturalness of a husband returning home. Cayetano taught her to read and write and initiated her into the cults of poetry and devotion to the Holy Spirit, anticipating the happy day when they would be free and married" (128). They loved each other so much that they would spend their day doing things to please each other rather then themselves. They're love for each other is so great that they were willing to...

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2123 words - 8 pages Links, Explore the between. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Apr. 2014. Estorino, Maria R. "Gabriel Garcia Marquez and His Approach to History in One." Gabriel Garcia Marquez and His Approach to History in One. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Apr. 2014. "Garcia Marquez - Papers: "One Hundred Years and Chronicle"" Garcia Marquez - Papers: "One Hundred Years and Chronicle" N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Apr. 2014. Márquez, Gabriel García. One Hundred Years of Solitude. New York: Harper & Row, 1970. Print.

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1453 words - 6 pages Gabriel Garcia Marquez, an established author and journalist, is a product of the Post Modern Era. This era is the immediate time after World War II which ended in 1945. His writings depict the literary characteristics of blurring of distinctions between genres, in addition to over lapping with other eras, including Colonialism and Post Colonialism. “Ultimately, literature is nothing but carpentry. With both you are working with reality, a

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516 words - 2 pages works worldwide was Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Gabo(nickname) was born on March 6, 1928 in a town called Aracataca in Northern Colombia. He was brought up by his maternal grandparents Colonel Nicolas Ricardo Marquez Mejia and Tranquilina Iguaran Cotes. As a child he grew up in a house filled with numerous amounts of family members and legends of ghosts and ghouls. Garcia's parents, Luisa Santiaga Marquez Iguran and Gabriel Eligio Garcia, were both

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5773 words - 23 pages spirited girl, she unfortunately fell in love with a man named Gabriel Eligio García. Unfortunately, for García was something of an anethma to her parents. For one thing, he was a Conservative as well as la hojarasca, a derogatory term applied to the recent residents of the town, drawn by the banana trade. (La hojarasca means "dead leaf," as in something that descends in useless flurries and is best swept away.) Garcia also had a

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978 words - 4 pages seclusion he published his most famed novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude; in 1970, it was published in English and named one of Time’s ten best books of the year. Always active in politics, Garcia Marquez founded the leftist magazine, Alternativa, in Bogota. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982. Other important novels in Garcia Marquez’s large body of work include Love in the Time of Cholera, The Autumn of the Patriarch, Of Love and

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1244 words - 5 pages practically regress into becoming pure domicile dwelling individuals. Ones culture within a society provides many individuals with many different interpretations of commonly accepted ideas and themes. "A Chronicle of a Death Foretold" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez outlines much of the culture of a small Latin American town and demonstrates the intricacies of culture. Various concepts have direct involvement with the carrying out of other concepts. Defending ones honor in an act that would bring about death coincides with justice, which often times materializes in the act that defies religion