Of Mice And Men: The Next Chapter

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As Slim and George arrived at the bar, neither of them said a word. Slim looked at George but George avoided his attempt at making eye contact. They walked in and sat at a round wooden table that looked to be a decade old. George sat down at one end and Slim sat down on the other directly across.
“Ya did the right thing, shootin’ ‘im back there. God knows Curley wouldda done somthin’ worse.” Slim said trying to break the silence that fell upon them. George didn’t reply, he sat there looking down at the hand that had shot Lennie. It was obvious that George felt only guilt and nothing more.
George muttered to himself “God dam Lennie, I told ya’, I told ya’ and ya’ still.” George became silent and clenched his hands into fists.
“If only ya’ had listen’d” George whispered as tears swelled in his eyes. Slim looked away and shouted at an elderly man who worked at the bar and was cleaning down tables. “Two whiskey’s please.”
The old man nodded and walked behind the bar and began to prepare their drinks.
“He was a good guy, that Lennie fella’.” Slim said to George.
“Dam straight he was. I wouldn’t a let him stay with me otherwise.” George said with a light smile.
“He was as good as they come, justta a lil’ stupid is all.” George said.
“He never wanted no trouble, yet thats all he could get ‘im self into.” George continued. George’s small smile faded back into a frown.
“I know he didn't mean to kill the bitch. He was probably frightened is all.’’ George said as if to convince himself that what Lennie did wasn’t bad. The elderly man came over to the two men with a tray at hand. Upon the tray lied both of the men’s drinks. He placed them down on the table and just being near them he could feel the tension.
“Two whiskeys.” He said in an old, shaky voice then turned and walked away.
“This one on me.” Slim announced as he watched George carefully.
“Thanks.” George said in a low voice. Their conversation stopped there and neither of them could think of something to discuss. Even the great Slim was left speechless for he knew no...

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