Of Mice And Men Character Narrative Billabong International School/ English Standard Monologue

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Candy Monologue
‘Everyone, no matter who they are, or where they are from, has dreams and aspirations.’
After learning about Lennie and George’s dream.
I’ve worked in this hell of a ranch so many years I’ve lost count. Ain’t no worker here who worked longer than I did. This darn ranch took everything away from me. Many years of my life, my dog, even one of my hands jus’ four years ago. The boss don’t care bout’ us old timers no more. I spend most my time alone. I’ve worked long and hard all my life just to become a useless buck with jus’ one hand. It’s only a matter of time till they drag me outta this place.
It’s not long till they grab me by my shirt and leave me out in the county. I don’ blame em’, who the hell wants an old goat like me working for em’? Ain’t got no one willing to take care of me. Ain’t got no relatives nor nothing. I don’ wanna die like that. I would much rather die in peace on ma bed or sumthin’. Them new boys George an’ Lennie seem like good fellas. They’re a strange pair but I like em’. That big fella reminds me of my ol’ dog. Them two were going on’ bout some idea they had bout saving up money an’ buying their very own ranch. They got the whole thing planned out good. George even got the land picked out. I jus’ wanna get out o’ this working life up in this lousy ranch so I told em’ I’d chuck in three hunderd and fifty dollars if they let me join. I know I ain’t nothing but a liability to em’ but I sure know the money was enough to convince em’!

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