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Of Mice and Men Essay
The death of Curley’s wife, at the end of ‘Of Mice and Men’ was the result of a number of different factors. Curley's wife, however, is not solely to blame for what happens. All she wanted to do was talk to someone also she was never treated with the respect she deserved by Curley. He didn’t allow her to even have the smallest bit of freedom causing her to sneak around Curley which was the cause of her being in the barn which shows us that Curley is also to blame for Curley’s wife’s death. Finally, her desperation to make friends led her to invite Lennie to touch her hair, despite the fact she knew he wasn't mentally stable.
Curley’s wife was clearly lonely, all she wanted to do was have someone to talk to and Curley was never there for her. Curley’s wife would always be wondering around the farm following the workmen trying to get any kind of attention from them and as soon as Curley would come looking she would run off to the barn scared that he would send her back into the house where she would be all alone.

Curley’s wife did not have any freedom in the novel, she was stuck on the ranch with no one to talk to. Curley wouldn’t let his wife have any freedom he would force her to stay in the house he wouldn’t let have any friends or let her go into town. She was in most ways Curley’s prisoner the only thing that Curley allowed his wife to entertain herself with was a couple of records but he even took them away from her. Which could have been a big push for her to decide to let Lennie touch her hair. Curley breaking her records very well could have been the last straw that pushed her off the edge.

Curley’s wife was so desperate for a companion she confided in Lennie, despite the fact she knew he could be dangerous. She was at breaking point due to being neglected by everyone around her feeling so alone She needed to hear another voice another voice say a word anything to her. She went to the only person she knew she could talk to knowing the risks that lay before her. Curley's wife desperation clouded her judgement in seeing the true danger that she was putting herself into when She stepped into the barn. A small part of herself may have wanted the danger it could have been to feel the...

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