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Of Mice And Men; The Loneliness Of American Society

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In an American society, many people settle in the United States of America in hopes of seeking the American Dream, which is the freedom of life, equality, and the aspiration to accomplish individual goals in life. Any person that has lived through the great depression has had their life drastically changed by many hard obstacles that had to be fought in order to sustain an excellent life. Some of the crucial themes of the novel Of Mice and Men is that having your own dream attains ambition, companionship, and assurance, allowing one to succeed in life with meaning and importance. Three major examples show this idea. John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men divulges the longing for friendship, the desperation for the American Dream, and the cruelty of humanity through the creation of his two main characters, George and Lennie.
Steinbeck tries to establish a perfect image of friendship by introducing us to George and Lennie. They are an extraordinary team, with Lennie being of monstrous size with a simple mind, and George being a smart and typical worker. Many times throughout the novel, Lennie threatens to go live in a cave to leave George alone so he won't have to take care of him anymore. However, George always explains to Lennie that he wants him by his side at all times because he knows they need each other: "No! I was just foolin', Lennie. 'Cause I want you to stay with me. . ."(13). This expresses that in order for them to have a successful friendship, they must first share their lives together to make every puzzle piece fit together. After the two men arrive at the bunk house, they meet the workers who all seem like they have no one that is willing to spend their life with as lovingly as George and Lennie. Slim, one of the most cherished workers, is quite surprised at the bond that George and Lennie share and reveals, "Hardly none of the guys travel together. I hardly never see two guys travel together. . ."(39). Slim asserts that workers are lonely even though they have always wanted a friendship like George and Lennie in their hearts. Also, most of the men don't have friends and instead they waste their money on women and drinks because they have no real companion (53). Take for example, Curley, the boss's son, and his wife. They are a married couple, but Curley is never there as a husband figure. He never treats her like a lady and doesn’t spend time with her, so she's always in the search for someone to talk to. Curley's wife needs an honest friend who she can talk to, trust, and enjoy her life with. She is beautiful, and as talented as an actor, but she doesn't have anyone that cares for her, therefore resulting in her loneliness and sorrow: "Think I don't like to talk to somebody ever' once in a while? Think I like to stick in that house alla time?" (77). Curley's wife flirts with the guys just to have friendship. In a society, we long for idealized companionship and have a fear for loneliness. On the path to making their lifelong...

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