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Of The People, By The People, For The People

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The right to vote is one of the key aspects that sets us apart from countries like North Korea where one person’s opinion is law. Even with ability to vote, there are the people that count the votes and the people who announce the outcomes to our society. Without these people, it would be hard to determine who runs our society even after we voted. For example, if CNN reported that John Smith won the election and everybody agreed that he won it, would it even make a difference who did? In that sense, it wouldn’t matter who really won the election, but rather who won the public opinion. Similar to 1984 by George Orwell, the people who control public opinion and the media control ...view middle of the document...

She wouldn’t try to convince her entire party, but rather amplify the people who already agree with her, who would in turn influence the party. Using this method of who controls who, we can derive the strength of a certain group on government. In this case, the special interest group is more powerful than the party because it can alter the party’s opinion. To a degree, you don’t even need to involve government to change public opinion. The IEEE is a perfect example of this, being one of the largest standards association in the world. By developing standards for computing and getting enough people to follow them, they create a type of pseudo law that gets enacted by the pressures from society. Without this “law”, computers from one manufacture wouldn’t be able to communicate with computers from another. Simply by swaying public opinion, they have control.
If one thing were to be changed in how the government is run, it would be the abolishment of the party system in favor of a more independent system. This would allow for a more personalized approach to government. By allowing everybody a unique voice rather than placing them into buckets, we could achieve a more efficient society that no longer focuses on the opinions of politicians, but rather people in the community. In order for this to be effective, a special interest group would have to be formed in order to enact the change in the current system. All the people in favor of it would have to convince their party to vote on the issue. Most likely both parties would have to agree for their own dismemberment. This is critical, because a forced takeover would appear as a rebellion and the formation of a new...

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