Off Year Election And Why It Is Important That Bush Has Established The Majority In The Two Houses In This Election.

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George W. Bush, with the help of his administration, has done something not done since FDR's first term. Bush, on an off year election, has established the majority in the two houses. George, throughout the year and into crunch time, made many trips to areas were the Republicans needed help with elections, these trips, encouragement of republicans to vote and the encouragement of the right candidates, the Republicans have managed to dominate the two houses. The dominance of the house will allow for GWB to continue with his agenda.George Bush's assistants and administration has been working before 9-11 to create a dominance of the houses in the off year election. This plan was broken down in to three parts: "to raise the stakes and lengthen the debate on our dealings with Iraq, to press the Democrats to accept the White House version of a Department of Homeland Security (and hammer them if they opposed it) and to deploy both issues to burnish the president's popularity to the GOP faithful, to whom Bush would appeal in coast-to -coast campaigning in the final weeks for the 2002 campaign." This coast-to-coast campaigning consisted of a grueling travel schedule that would allow them have a better chance of beating history by creating a positive buzz for the Republican candidates. Then the Republican version of Homeland security will establish what America desperately needs and will be marked as a great accomplishment in the Bush presidency which will create a stronger urge for reelection. Also the coast-to-coast support of candidates in an the off election year will create a support for Bush when he goes for reelection.On the day of the election Bush anticipated the results of the elections because of all the work he had put into it to ensure a dominance of Congress. The first news came from Florida where is brother Jeb had won big. This was an important win, because Florida was a place of confusion in the election of GWB. Then news came in that the Republicans had saved a pivotal Colorado Senate Seat this was very important because the Senate consists of 100 seats, each state represented by two seats. Later news came in that Republicans had not only claimed the house but also...

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