Off Highway Vehicle Trail Development: Originally Used This As A Speech In My Agriculture Class

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Recently, all over the U.S, more and more local, regional and even federal agencies are working to close down and take over recreational Off-Highway Vehicle areas. Some areas of the country, including Wallowa County, do still allow OHV users to ride in areas that are on non-private land at certain times of the year. But with new rules now being considered, this could soon change. Local clubs are fighting to keep even small pieces of land available for public motorized recreation and access.One of the best ways to keep areas open is to establish trails that are used consistently and responsibly by many people. In order to do that, someone has to actually map existing trails or create new ones. The tough part about that is that the trails can't just consist of open fire roads or old logging roads. For the most part, they need to be on non-used over-grown routes not visible to a major traveled road.The first step to developing a trail or system of trails is Planning. You have to find out what areas ATV, dirtbikes or snowmobiles are legally allowed to ride in. There are a lot of agencies and rules that determine where you can ride, and that even changes throughout the year. Sometimes it's posted in the area, but often it's not, so do your homework.Always respect private land owner's rights also. They may give you permission to run all or part of your trail on their land, or they may forbid it. You would hate to do all the work it takes to develop a trail, and then find out you will not be allowed to use it, or worse, you could be required to repair the area back to it's previous state.Once you have determined the area is open for riding, next you'll want to determine where people would like to have more trails. Go to a local club meeting and propose what you would like to accomplish and where you would like to do it. If you are building trails in an area where you know people already want to ride, you're not only more likely find help to make it, but you will get more continued use of the trail. And if other local riders invest their own time, they will be more apt to use it responsibly.Once you have decided where you want to develop trails, you need to find out if it is even possible, based on terrain. Depending upon the amount of debris and other variables in the area of your proposed trail, you might need to revise where you would like to create the trail.You have to take into consideration if there are bodies of water, steep terrain, or other natural obstacles between the starting and the ending points of the trail. It will be hard to know before you actually reach that point at the trail, but you might not be able to cross water or get around a fallen tree for example. You have to determine how much work you are willing to do, can afford to do, or even are allowed to do.The best way to decide your exact route, is to first walk where you want to go. That way you won't make any more tracks in the area then you absolutely have to and you...

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