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Xacks left Dana alone in the cockpit to watch over the planet as she mourned, while he took Scott's body to the cargo hold. He had seen enough friends come and go, not be overly affected by the passing of yet another one. Unburdened by remorse or regret, he wrapped the corpse in sheet plastic and lay it in an empty crate before sealing the lid. His brain was still a little fuzzy from his recent stint with pure Crarab juice. It had been the ships movement that had drawn him out if his high and now his mind kept going back to Zero's control of his ship. A genetic retention alteration, secured his memories in case of brain irregularities, and he definitely had a few of those over the last couple of weeks. His last solid memory was of Zero and the child like mind taking control of the ship.

On the way back to the control room he was pleased to see ClickClack, who had already started to clean up the blood drips. She was the only coherent thing he did remember from his bender and he greeted her kindly, taking a moment to thank her for her services. True the bitch had nearly poisoned him but that was all his own fault and without her he wouldn't be in the shape he was now, which was pretty good he thought, flexing as though waking from a long sleep. He didn't know why Zero would want to come here, but now he was he planned to make the most of it. Speaking slowly he told the Crarab to stop cleaning and to prepare bile, with shit that strong he would be crazy not to offload some while he was here.

"Zero." Xacks spoke upon returning to the cockpit. "Why are we here?"

"Createnark is the most diverse planet in the known universe, is it not?" Zero answered his question with his own.

"If you consider the known universe as everything on my private drives, then yes." Xacks sneered.

"From here I hope to acquire my own hardware and expand upon my knowledge base." Zero continued.

"Well it is a fucking melting pot of culture." Xacks had to agree, he couldn't have chosen a better place to pick up more hardware and the range of intelligent species here was more dense than anywhere else the Thoracian knew of. "Hold a stable orbit until I'm ready to take over and fly us in." He ordered the artificial intelligence.

Dana say quietly in the co pilot seat, listening to the exchange while watching the planet transfixed.

"I've laid Scott to rest in a crate in the hold." He laid a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"What are we going to do with him now?" Dana asked.

"Well, we could sell his body. It would be of interest to plenty of groups here." Xacks kept his tone low.

"I'm not okay with that!" Dana spoke forcefully.

"You're a smart girl. You know he is gone and that all that's left is a shell." Xacks pointed out. "If I curl up, you can sell my carcass."

"I'm not ok with that either." She touched his hand tenderly.

"When you're...

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