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Providing Covering Switching, Pre Loading And Spotting Services For Common Carrier Flat Bed Loads

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Providing covering switching, pre-loading and spotting services
for common carrier flat bed loads.
The plan, schedule and implementation of the project in Honolulu City;
Loading and spotting project

Executive summary

The Hwan Sung system furniture is a global company that has its head offices in china. The company is pleased to place a bid for the provision of pre-accepted loading services on common carrier flat bed which would cover switching, pre-loading and spotting services to Honolulu City in Hawaii.
We have been an active company in the provision of such services for a period of twenty years of working. We have a satisfying track record in as far as meeting customer demands is concerned. We currently drug loads for Honolulu City and therefore have a working trading relationship for a period of twenty years. Our company has got the necessary manpower, systems, resources and processes to meet the Honolulu City demands at the required standards and with the required processes by the contract. Being a local carrier, our company fits in the provision for repairs and maintenance in a standard manner that other companies would not meet. The company is familiar with the area shops and the service reputations as well as pricing that is always different from all other suppliers. We are well prepared to meet any safety and liability requirements specified under the service expectations. Inline with the newly developed company policy manual, we have already issued a copy of it to the Honolulu City. This copy covers all aspects of safety as expected by the city. We are looking forward to issuing a copy to all employees in our company after revising and printing the final copy.

Company safety program

The company has already established is final program which is geared to meeting all requirements mentioned in the Request for Proposal. In response to the requirements, we have a formal safety program and have provided a document that indicates the safety program content and that the program administration is regular and an ongoing one being carried out by all on-site workers. All yard trucks have been certified with an inclusive annual testing an inspection. Two million dollars general liability and a hundred thousand dollars product liability for the insurance requirements shall be met, with Honolulu mentioned as additional insured. Another requirement that has to be met is compensation coverage for drivers and all workers on site. This will take a minimum of $500, 000 per accident (World's Board of Aeronautical Commissioners, 1921).  Our loaders and managers will attend an annual safety orientation that is presented by Honolulu Shipping office. A weekly safety meeting and monthly safety training for all loaders shall be conducted with the documentation of attendance and topic. A similar training shall be offered to the backup loaders.
We shall meet all the requirements mentioned in the RFP. Such requirements like;
All drivers...

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