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'' Hungary fared extremely well in this year's Vinalies International wine contest. A total of 9 gold and 9 silver medals were awarded to Hungarian winemakers. It is a statement of the ever-improving standards of Hungarian winemaking today.

Of special mention has to be Vylyan vineyards, which achieved 2 gold medals for its Duennium and Cabernet Sauvignon selection wines.,,

Vylyan Shines at Vinalies 2003

The overall image of the Hungarian wines are day-to day improving. Some of the best wine regions can be found in Hungary.

The goal of this paper is to prove, that there is an opportunity on the US market to introduce more Hungarian fine wines, especially because of its great conditions.

Market Analysis

This part of the feasibility study will examine both US and Hungarian wine market. It will discuss different regions, characteristics of particular wine.

Why choose US market? The reasons are very simple. United States has one of the most open markets in the world, which means that the entry barriers for importing wine are very low. Another reason is because in Hungary there are several quality wines that should be introduced to US market because of its size and potential. Some Hungarian wines are available on the market in US, mainly high quality and expensive wines, but some of the good wines are still not introduced. (Kékoportó ('blue Oporto' or Portugieser), Kékfrankos (Blaufrankisch), Zweigelt)

Hungarian wine industry is big, but unfortunately it is not as recognized as other wine-making countries such as France, Italy, Australia etc. They do not have its quality consistency as other countries do.

Wine regions in Hungary (types of wines)

There are around 20 regions in Hungary where people are growing grapes. The high number of the wine regions is because of the special soils in some regions and also because of the good climate. Some of the 20 regions are: Eger, Szekszárd, Sopron, area around Balaton, the Great Plains, Alfold etc.

What distinguishes Hungary from other countries is the variety of wines. Hungary is producing all types of wines, red wine, white, rose etc. Although Hungary is known as white wine country there has been an increase in demand for red wine and that is why more and more red wines varieties are planted and the number of the regions will increase all together with the quality of wine.

California wines have dominated the domestic market for years because of the ideal growing conditions and also good marketing and branding strategies. The US regions for growing grapes can be compared with those in France and Italy, which is why the American wines are favorable among Americans. Other wine regions are Washington, Oregon etc.

Hungarian wines in US

Although Hungary is known for its good quality wines, the demand for these wines is not so great. Only the best wines are considered good and are exported throughout the world. But there are several other Hungarian...

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