Giving Your Child An Allowance Essay

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When children reach a certain age, they like to have their own spending money. While they sometimes receive money for birthdays and other holidays, some parents pay their children for doing work around the home. While this benefits the child in an effort to have their own money, there are many pros and cons of giving kids an allowance for chores.

Some people believe paying children for helping out around the house is redundant. While most children are assigned certain chores daily, weekly, even monthly, these chores should be done whether a child gets paid an allowance or not. Therefore, giving children their own spending money and calling it an allowance could possibly affect the way they perform chores. This could be a good or bad thing. The child may think that if they do not feel like doing their chores they do not have to, and the consequences will be that they will not get an allowance. When a parent sets the record straight, a child may become rebellious and not perform the task the way he should. However, the circumstances could take a turn in the opposite direction, and a child may perform their chores even better than they did before, specifically because they are grateful for an allowance. It really depends on the child, and the way the parent explains the meaning of an allowance.

When a child receives an allowance, it gives the parents an opportunity to teach them responsibility and how to manage money. It may allow parents to set rules, such as saving half of the money they receive and allowing them to spend the other half, in an effort to teach them to...

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