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Gives Various Statistics And Figures About The Canadian Tourism Industry, Specifically On Toronto, Montreal And The Province Of British Columbia.

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Canada has become known to the rest of the world as a tourism hot-spot. Tourism spending reached $54.1 billion in 2000, an 8% increase from 1999. However, $37.9 billion were spent by Canadians in foreign Canadian cities; the remaining $16.2 is spent by foreigners. Various reasons account for such figurative spending on tourism. Thus the major reason for tourism in Canada is people holiday/vacation (56%), visiting friends or family (9%), business (5%), and other reasons (3%). Three major destinations can be recognized as the major pull factors for tourism coming to Canada. Toronto, the capital of Ontario is the largest city in Canada and has a massive tourist base. The city of Montreal, also one of the largest cities in Canada, is bi-lingual and has several great travel attractions/destinations. The province of British Columbia is host to such beautiful cities as Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler (The Golden Triangle). These cities among other pull factors account for the provinces large and steady tourist base.(Statistics provided by Statistics Canada)TorontoThe largest city in Canada, Toronto attracts millions each year. The city has a population of 2 385 421 in the city and a census metropolitan area population of 4 263 857. This gigantic city is also known as the world's most ethnically diverse. It has five Chinatowns, a Little Italy, a Greek community, and a Little Portugal. "Toronto was founded in the early 1700's and was incorporated as a town in 1793. Eventually Toronto was declared a city in 1834. (World Book 2001, "T"). The city is home to many professional sports teams such as the; Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL), Raptors (NBA), The Rock (NLL), Argonauts (CFL), and The Toronto Blue Jays (MLB). The city also holds an international airport, that being the largest in Canada.General Tourism StatisticsToronto is recognized as the predominant gateway into Canada, therefore the city is an extreme player involved with tourism in Canada. Throughout each year and an average of twenty-one million visit the city annually. After visiting this glamorous city the average visitor will return up to 17 times. Toronto generates five to six million dollars in revenues per year due to tourist. (Statistics provided by )Tourist Hot-Spots and Destinations/AttractionsWhether you would want to shop at a mall, ride a roller coaster or learn about the history of the city, Toronto has it all. Toronto has more than 20 000 stores catering to all fashions and tastes. Its premier shopping destination is the Eaton Centre. "This multi-levelled glass roofed galleria has more than 320 shops and restaurants, 17 cinemas, and a 400 room Marriott hotel. The massive mall, constructed in 1979 boasts $746 of sales per square foot of retail space." (, Shopping and Services Profile). That number is the highest of its kind in North America. The number one tourist attraction in Toronto has an estimated one million visitors per week....

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